3Gs Sports Bar – #77 on the Tour

The Bar 3 Gs Sports Bar

The Address 152 Millbury Street

The TIme 8:10 in the morning  (That’s right, the morning.)

The price  3,75 (I had a choice and had the short gin and tonic)

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime He did and he put it in

What was the type of gin Well.

What was the gin and tonic like I got a short one, about 10 ounces or so. It was fine for its kind. Nothing wrong with it.

The story: So, on this day, everything went pear shaped and I didn’t have anyplace to go for the entire day. No commitments. No family obligations. Nothing. So after finding this out, I was heading home, driving through Worcester. And it hit me. I remembered years ago, talking to this woman who was a daytime bartender at a dive bar that no longer exists. She said that when she opened at eight in the morning, there were a small gaggle of people waiting for her to unlock the door. Just waiting there. Now most of those places are gone. I was just thinking about it and thought, I bet 3Gs is one of those that opens in the morning. They were still on my list for this tour and in a fit of poor judgement, I turned a few corners and was there. The lights were on, but could I go in? I debated this like a mad man for a while and then said the hell with it, its for the blog. I have to do it for the blog. I have to have a gin and tonic in a joint that opens at 8am. For the kids. I mean the blog.

Okay, I was bummed, because I went in and it was just me, a bartender and a guy cleaning and stocking. I can’t win. But I was lucky in that the bartender was also a little disappointed that no one was around and spent the time chatting with me. And chatting with me. He was amiable, and how.

The place is a run down dive from central casting. Dart boards? Check. Pool table? Check. Separate room with a stage? Check. Galaga Game? You betcha. They have keno and dart supplies and sheen of age and use. It ain’t dirty, but this place is worn, you know.

The bartender and I talked about how it was probably the cold weather that was keeping the folks away, but this place is usually packed. All day, from eight until close, this place is filled with people, all nice folk. Its a great place. I asked if people come in after third shirt and he shook his head, there ain’t no third shifts left in Worcester. People come in because its eight in the morning and what else are they going to do? He told me that people play keno here. That this place has the second highest keno sales in Worcester. I’m not quite sure if that is something to go crazy proud about. He told me that the first of the month, when the government checks came in, the place was filled and then some.

He waxed nostalgia about how there used to be a lot of bars open all day. Now we could only think of this place and the Nines. The Nines, he said, has good looking day bartenders. he goes there on his day off. He doesn’t go to 3Gs. I mean he needs a break from the old work place, best to go half a block down to the only other morning hours bar in the city. But 3Gs is great and is usually packed and he was sure they were all going to come in soon. This place is worth staying at. But I had lingered for forty minutes and had nursed my gin and tonic. Now it was not even nine in the morning and I had finished my drinking for the day. It was a weird sensation. I would have loved to be there with people, but still, it was a nice dive bar experience. I doubt I will come back, despite the friendly bartender and his positive spin on the joint.

So I drank at a bar at eight am opening. Did that, and now on to the usual time frame for this tour.


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