A Question

Looking at my wordpress stats, I see that my write up on Birkbeck’s Waterfront Grille gets a  third to half of all my views every day. Can someone explain that? I am not complaining, I just don’t know why that’s the one that gets all the traffic?


6 thoughts on “A Question

  1. No clue, but I SO enjoy reading your reviews. I just started working in Woostah (October) and it is VERY interesting to read your reviews of a basic drink. THANK YOU!!!!

    1. Hi Lora!
      Welcome to Woostah, the city that means well. We are happy to have you here. Hope you have found some places to check out. Just so you know, some of my favorite places haven’t been touched in this blog yet. Let me and everyone who is silly enough to read this what places you have discovered in Worcester.


  2. Hi Dante That’s how I found your blog, which I love. I was googling Birkbecks to get some info about it and your post was what popped up. It’s new, so it’s getting attention I guess.

    1. Thanks for getting in touch Melicia,

      Maybe people like the place and google it and because they don’t have a website or a working facebook (that I could find) they find my review first. Maybe. I hope they are doing well. I liked my wee time there. I hope they get a website up and running and start people reading about them there then in a blog about gin and tonics.


  3. Dante,

    I have no idea but shall share that I once titled a blog post “My father-in-law died but he just won’t leave us alone” and it is far and away the most read of all my entries. Apparently, it is not at all an uncommon problem. And thank you again for the blog.

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