Padavano’s Place – #80 on the Tour

The Bar Padavano’s Place

The Address 358 Shrewsbury Street

The Day and the TIme Sunday at six. The Patriots game had just started (the deflated balls game, wow, typing that makes me feel dirty)

The price 7.50

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime He just put it in. The bartender was pretty good.

What was the type of gin I asked for the basic and he gave me the tanqueray. Nice.

What was the gin and tonic like It was good. A little flat, but it was good. I didn’t care for the place too much, so I found myself not enjoying the drink as much. What can I say, a gin and tonic is really an alcoholic mood ring. Happy Dante, good drink. Unhappy Dante, a very long slog through a pint glass.

The Joint This is a new place, officially part of Shrewsbury street, but off the road in a parking lot. It is a large ceiling place with a small loft area. The bar is a big u shaped number. Their are tables around it and in a area to the left. It was not too busy at the time. There was about 10 people at the bar, a few in Patriots shirts.) A family in the Pats blue eating and watching at a nearby table. The place looked kind of nice, but it felt sterile to me. And then going to the bathroom, only one bathroom which is fine, the door was almost blocked by a dough making machine. It was just there in the hallway taking up space. In a low rent bakery or a greasy spoon, that would be fine, but here in a place trying to look cool and slightly upscale, it kind of stuck out. A lot of the people at the bar knew each other, many of them, it seemed worked there, ending work early due to the Pats game killing the business. I didn’t feel fantastically welcome at the bar, nothing mean about anyone, just not too welcoming a place. Everyone knew everyone, and too bad for me.

General Impressions Here is how I felt about the place. At the bar was a young woman wearing very tight clothing that did not allow much to go unnoticed. She was sitting by herself, talking to two older men across the bar, as well as the bartender. My guess is that she was a waitress for the place now off shift. After a few minutes, she took the offer of the two older men and joined them on the other side of the bar (actually, I can’t recall if she just went over or if they asked her to). She sat in between the two men. She talked and smiled and laughed. We might call it flirting, but who am I to know these terms? Another woman came from the back and sat at the bar. going over figures in a ledger. She was an owner or manager. She talked to all the people she knew (I was ignored, I was like the invisible man, amazing powers that I have). She saw the two older men with the young waitress sitting between them and the manager woman said to one of the men, “You’re a pimp daddy.” The man laughed, shook his head and said, “No, pimp grand daddy.”

And that’s when Dante declared this stop on the tour over.

Yes, I have heard worse and raunchier. But is this what the place wants to be? May-December jokes among the regulars? And maybe thats the problem with Padavano’s Place, what does it want to be? Is it a high end Italian Eatery? Is it a local watering hole? Is it a hook up joint? Is it a place where mixing equipment is left right outside the bathroom like an industrial bakery? It can be whatever it wants to be, just not with me.

Amount of Time in the Joint 20 minutes

Will I come back No. I hear the food is quite good. That’s nice. But still, no.


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