A Dispatch from the Second Half of the Tour

I started going to bars for the purpose of this tour of every bar in Worcester in March of 2014. I didn’t make the blog live until May. It started slow but it has been moving ever onward. I have posted dispatches on 81 bars and have three more to write up at this moment. It has been great. I wish I thought of this earlier. I feel very attached to this city now. I have seen so much of it now. Everyone, moving to a new city, should create a tour of it so they can understand it.

When I started, I didn’t do any research on liquor licenses and so figured I would be done in a round 100 bars. I am currently circling around that number and now realize, I ain’t done baby.

I have no idea how many bars are in Worcester but I know, approximately, how many more I will be doing. I made a list of the bars I know I haven’t done yet, and have added seven or eight more spaces to the list, for those i missed and those that will be new and just opened. When I reach that number, this tour will be over. Its not ending soon. I don’t want to give the number, but it is more than forty and less than seventy. I want to give myself wiggle room, just in case I want to end it early or get inspired and want to continue on. I know what the last bar will be. Its the bar I call my own. Its the bar I am writing this in..

I always knew that I wasn’t going to include the strip clubs. I wasn’t interested in trying to figure out the culture of those places. And despite friends trying to convince me, I have also decided to not go to the Regional and National chain Restaurant and Bars. Let’s keep it local, and keep it so I may retain the functions of my liver. So I have a list now, and I know I will miss places, but I will try to make the big joints I haven’t been to yet: Armsby Abbey, Vincent’s, Smitty’s, The Vernon, etc.That’s a given. If I missed your favorite, I am a wee bit sorry. But not much.

But when I started this tour, I made a big mistake. I kept most of the Restaurant Bars until the end. This was a terrible mistake. I started going to dive bar to local bar to sports bar to dive bar for the first thirty or so. Now I have nothing but mostly Restaurant Bars to get to and those, sorry to say, are just not as interesting to me as dives and sports bars. Hell, on Shrewsbury Street, the Restaurant Row of the town, I have over 14 bars which are really Restaurants with a bar area, to go to still.. Yikes.

So if you want to replicated this tour, please, spread out the cool neighborhood bars with Restaurants, keep it a variety.

I have loved doing this. It has actually made me a stronger writer. And like I said, I have now seen Worcester in ways a lot have not. I am lucky to have that honor. But I will be done soon. Maybe by the summer. I will let you all know when we are reaching the big ending. Thank you all for reading.

Dante of Worcester


6 thoughts on “A Dispatch from the Second Half of the Tour

  1. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blogs. I live in a suburb, but recently started working in Worcester, so this is helping me to figure out the area. Although I still would not touch gin , even in a desert. Some things you just can’t change. Thank you! Lora

    1. Hi Lora. I don’t think I would like gin in a desert also. But we have good desert places like Sweet. We have beer joints like Armsby and Dive Bar. We have a German joint as in Nick’s. And judging from the young women at the Suski Bar I was in last night (will post that one soon) they were dressed in very not very warm clothing (more like doilies they were wearing) we have clubbing places to, haven’t found those joints yet on the tour (shucks). Thanks for reading Lora.


  2. Hi Dante
    I can’t resist tossing in my 2 cents, since panic has set in about you winding down the blog. I hope you make it to Mahoneys, a local dive. One Worcesters most famous bartenders is there on Wednesdays and Fridays-Deano. He’s a local legend and should not be missed!
    Happy wandering,

    1. Hi Melicia

      I will make it to Mahoney’s and scores others. Literally scores. A minimum of 40 more to go. The places I will probably not go to are the social clubs, though they are fun, and the chain restaurants aint going to happen. But Mahoney’s, Greendales Pub, Nicks, Stakes, Vincent’s, GBar, Jillian’s and many others. There is a few more scarey places I have to work up nerve for and then there is the problem with Lucky Dog where there was ten dollar charge to get in because of the bands. When is it cover free there? I’m only staying for one drink after all.


  3. Keep up the good work. I love a good G&T. I revisit the blog every couple days in hopes of new reviews. Some make me laugh, some make me cringe, some make me want to try the place out. Gin on Dante!

    1. RJ, thanks for reading
      That is so cool “Gin on Dante” Which could be seen as a call to arms, or what happens to me after I try to have my third drink in a day.
      Gin On! -i’d wear that on a t-shirt

      thanks RJ

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