Fiddler’s Green – #81 on the Tour

56d4f1147ad1840a95aff5f28c26f877.jpg (222×269)

The Bar Fiddler’s Green. It is nestled deep in the breast of the Worcester Hibernian Cultural Centre.

The Address 19 Temple Street

The Day and the Time Sunday at seven during the Deflated Ball Pats Game. I hope that in three years, someone might read this blog and have no idea what I am talking about. These are pleasant dreams that I hope to come true.

The price Four Dollars (haven’t seen a gin and tonic below the five dollar border in a while and what a pleasure it was.)

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime She just put it in

What was the type of gin Well

What was the gin and tonic like Alllllllllright. It was ooooooookay. It was another word with too many letters put in to signify inconsequence.

The Joint: It is a nice room. A very nice warm room suitable for people sitting and having a pint of dark and perhaps a wee dram. That’s what it looks like. You have to walk through a few hallways and up a stairwell and there is the bar in this Irish Club. It feels like a real Irish Bar. It had all the attributes of a fine Irish Bar, save for just one wee thing. It was devoid of people.

General Impressions This is the third time I have come to this place, wanting to put it on the tour, and finding the bar completely empty. The first two times, I saw what was what, and split, because I want this place to be amazing. I know, I shouldn’t put bet on the worth of a bar on this tour, but I don’t know, I wanted this place to be amazing. This time, I came in, thinking that a big ball game would get people. I was wrong. What the hell. Can I never get it right? Don’t comment, I know what the answer is. It’s no.

I was about to turn tail and run, waiting for a better moment, but the bartender smiled and said hello and said she was about to close up. I told her, that I shouldn’t stop her. She then said its better to have someone there then close early. So damn. I had to get my gin and tonic. She chatted with me, killing time. She said that the every other Sunday it was packed with Irish musicians. Not this Sunday. And Fridays are good too. Everyone was home watching the game she figured. We chatted for a bit while I finished my drink and it was pleasant enough in a Bartender and Strange Fellow Having an English Drink at an Irish Bar sort of way. She was nice, she made the place appealing, even without people.

Amount of Time in the Joint 20 minutes

Will I come back Yes. I want to see it filled with Irish musicians singing and drinking and getting sloppy like they did in the Olde Country. I know this is not usually my MO., but damn, I want the bar in the Hibernian Cultural Centre to shine its best.


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