Joey’s Bar and Grill – #82 on the Tour

The Bar Joey’s Bar and Grill

The Address 344 Chandler Street

The Day and the TIme Thursday at four thirty, a couple days after the big winter storm

The price Oh crap, I can’t remember and I didn’t write it down. Damn. I think it was something around 6.50

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime Yes she did and she put it in

What was the type of gin It was Beefeaters

What was the gin and tonic like It was a decent drink. I liked it. Nothing wrong about it.

The Joint This is a long time restaurant, though not all in this location. It has a nice sized bar and a lot of tables for dining. I went on a off time, but people were there, which is always nice, though the number of folk were swallowed up in the space. The place has eclectic art on the wall, I enjoyed looking at it, I didn’t like the art, but it definitely had a personality. One of the walls was painted light blue and in the middle of the wall in a long streak were glued little crystals, like there was a slash of stars in the middle of the restaurant. It was crafty, like the thing one of the designers from Trading Places would force on a contestant. With that said, I liked a place with a sense of style, even if it wasn’t mine. There were more staff than customers at the bar, but I am sure they figured more folks would be coming in.

General Impressions “A cast of thousands! A cast of thousands!” That’s what the guy near me at the bar said to the bartender as she found a way to leave him, to get back to work. He spoke a lot. Told stories about his family and friends. Cast of thousands he said. Not here at Joey’s at this moment. There were a couple folks at the tables eating early and then solo men sitting by themselves and each of them got the attention of one of the bartenders and then spun tails and complaints to them. Maybe its different later on in the day, but at this Magic Hour, the bar felt like the place where older men can confess their sins and feel connected to the world by talking at female bartenders. “Forgive me bartender, but it has been six days since my last barstool confessional.” And then the bartender-priestesses would give absolution, or at least shots of Absolut.

One of the men asked the woman who served me, who might be one of the owners, where Joey was. “Its Thursday,” she said, “He’s home having a guy’s night.” I thought that was what bars were for. What do I know?

Amount of Time in the Joint 15 minutes

Will I come back No. Nice enough looking place. Friendly staff. Affordable drink. Just didn’t have a feel for it. Blame the art on the wall, I guess.


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