Mai Tai’s – #83 on the Tour

The Bar Mai Tai – this is the second restaurant bar I have been to named after a potent cocktail (Sake Bomb the other) and I didn’t care for either. Is that a sign that I should avoid any bar named after drinks. Do you want to go to the Pina Colada Lounge, Dante? No thanks.

The Address 69 Green Street

The Day and the TIme Friday at 8:30

The price 5.86 or something like that. Tax is silly.

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime She just put it in

What was the type of gin It was a well gin

What was the gin and tonic like It was harsh. Like a little lighter fluid snuck in. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with lighter fluid cocktails I suppose, just don’t come too close with a lighted match is all.

The Joint On the door going in, there was a sign saying all that entails proper dress code. To sum it up, don’t dress like a gang member. It is never a hopeful indicator when there is a sign posted saying, don’t be this way. It kind of means, that many of their would be clientele are THAT way exactly.

It is a cold, generic restaurant with soft lighting, a long bar and a few people around. There was about 10 people at the bar. One was a solo older guy drinking what seemed to be two drinks at once, and the rest were young people in groups having Mai Tais, scorpion bowls and other fruity concoctions. The bartender was decent, though a little slow. Some groups were at the tables eating, but mostly the action, if we can call it that, was at the bar. Perhaps it heated up with more properly dressed people later in the evening. That was possible of course.

General Impressions I feel for the bartender stuck with the talkative patron. Next to me was the older guy I mentioned. When he talked, you could tell, this was not his first drink or his third. “I haven’t had any thing to drink since New Years. I was taking a break until this weekend to watch the Super Bowl. But I have to stay sharp, I have to ref a game in a few weeks, and I want to be perfect.” He went on. I think the bartender asked how he was doing, and this is how it went. And then it went on to how he thought the Patriots were going to do in the Super Bowl against the Seahawks. He went into a very detailed, very slurred response on the previous game and why the Pats were going to dominate. The bartender started shifting her weight, putting her hands on her hips, looking at the other drinkers at the bar to see if anyone needed anything to get her away. But she stayed, trying to interject and not being allowed by the drunken sports monologuist. This went on and she kept on putting her “I’m listening to you face” and then there was a pause, she said, “You bet, you’re right” or something to that effect. He stared at his newest drink and she went off to the other side of the bar. Rescued by the momentary silence.

The place, outside of this guy, seemed to be a young folks hang out, drink sweet drink and shout out loud kind of place. It lacked any energy when I was there. Ready to leave.

Amount of Time in the Joint 15 minutes

Will I come back No


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