Takara – #84 on the Tour

The Bar Takara Sushi and Japanese Steak House

The Address 10 Kelly Square

The Day and the TIme  Friday around 8:45

The price 7.50

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime They just put it in

What was the type of gin Well, or whatever they had

What was the gin and tonic like It was bland but okay. Nothing fantastic, but still acceptable.

The Joint This has a cool feel. It is a cramped slightly confused place that feels like a Chinatown joint. I liked the low ceilings, the pictures of customers taped to the wall by the front door. I like the four hibachi grill tables and the regular tables thrown up front. It was on the fair side of clean, but only by an inch or two. This has been around for a while but I haven’t been in before. One person said to me, “I don’t know how they’re still in business.” It was a Friday night and there were people there. Three of the hibachi tables had people around them, but no hibachi. They were all just having sushi and entrees. It was a weird way to eat, with all of the customers having a small counter like area for all their food and drinks around the cold metal hibachi table. The other tables up front were mostly filled as well as a few couples at the bar, which was both sushi and booze bar, everyone’s favorite kind. People were drinking Mai Tais and something Scorpion Bowl-ish. The crowd was young and getting ready to go to clubs, there was group of ladies dressed in sparkly little tops, that were not appropriate for the outside temperature, but looking goooooood has nothing to do with keeping warm I suppose. I know, I am an old fuddy duddy, I see those clothes and I want to have them change into big bulky sweaters and nice cozy mittens.

It was busy but not packed and yet the staff was moving around like it was all hands on deck. They were moving around like a hot mess. No one seemed to have just one job, staff was flying about like things were in chaos mode. Like electrons flying about, ramping up for critical mass.

General Impressions  I sat down at the bar and someone asked what I wanted and I said I would like a gin and tonic and he said, “I get someone who understand.” He went and got the sushi chef and I repeated my request and he said “Gin and Tonic water?” I nodded and I got my drink. Two people to get my drink. I drank it and then a third young man asked me if I was all set and because I never got a bill or anything I said, “I just want to pay for my gin and tonic” He nodded and went off. Five minutes later he reappeared with another gin and tonic. This is all lack of common language, but it does speak to the hot mess-ness of the place. If I had one person taking care of me, perhaps I would have gotten out easily. I said, I just wanted to pay and got up to the cash register and paid for my drink and I was pretty chagrinned and gave a hell of a tip. But that’s the problem with the place, they had no system to take care of a customer. Hell, I saw it at the tables, two or three staff were interacting with each table.There was a lot of repetition going around. There was a lot of repetition going on. See? Even here.

Amount of Time in the Joint 20 minutes, mostly waiting for my bill which turned out to be another drink.

Will I come back The place felt fun and comfortable but the disorder got to me. Maybe if the food was awesome, I could deal with the chaos. But it was weird that they didn’t have even one hibachi going and they were just using it for large groups eating. So, the answer is no.


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