Side Car Discussion – this and that

So I am up to date on the bars I have been to, and I don’t know when I will get to more, not because of schedule but just because of the snow. I had some time to hit a bar or two on Saturday but could not find a place to park. Thank you City of Worcester, we gin and tonic tourists thank you for curbing our wicked plans of spending money in town.

There is another snooze and lose. That would be the Saloon on West Boylston Street. This was around for a brief time, less than a year. It had two owners in that time. I heard it was a mess, but I didn’t get a chance to see for myself. I know I was going to have fun writing up about its name. Saloon. I want a bar called Bar. Or Drinks. Or maybe a dive bar called dive bar, wait, stop, we got that already. I would like a joint called Joint, but I think that some smokey individuals would go in, hoping to find a different kind of product for sale. Yeah, I think Drinks would be the name for my bar.

Speaking of short run bars, I think the winner goes to the Three Eagles on Millbury Street. It was an Asian restaurant for a while and then somewhere around the middle of December it was now a sports bar called Three Eagles. I saw it open once, but didn’t want to go in at the time. By the first week in January, it was closed. Now that is a speed record in obsolescence. I did hear some rumors of why it was closed so fast, but those are just rumors. No need to mention them.

When I can park in town, the tour will resume. Let me know how its going for you, and what places you have checked out.



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