Volturno Pizza – #86 on the Tour

The Bar VolturnoThe Address 72 Shrewsbury Street

The Day and the Time Sunday at 2:50 on Super Bowl Sunday

The price 8.52

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime No, he just put it in

What was the type of gin Well

What was the gin and tonic like It was good, a little on the flavor deprived column, but a fine refreshing drink.

The Joint A large high ceilinged Buick dealership has been split in two. One side is Sweet. The other side is this place. It is big and airy. The rectangular bar is in the middle. It is clean and almost too big for a pizza joint. But this is fine dining pizza, which is a funny thing to write. There were a few eating at the bar and a few lingering at the tables. There were TVs in the bar area, but they were unobtrusive, you have to be in the bar to see them, which is a lovely concession for those who want to eat but not have TVs in their eyeline. While I was there, couple hipsters came to the bar to get dirty martinis and debate over which pizza to have.

General Impressions I was having a drink at another bar, waiting for the next snowstorm to show up and was in a conversation with Bartender Brian’s Brother (that’s a lot of Bs) and I mentioned that I was recently at Volturno and BBB said he hates that place. He hates all those artisanal pizza places. He justs want a good old Greek style, thick, greasy pizza. He can’t stand how the pizza at these hoity toity places gets cold right away. And who comes up with all these crazy toppings? Just a pizza that’s good and greasy. Is that so much to ask?

On the quiet times, its interesting to watch the waiters all gather by the bar to talk, to kibbitz, to complain. They were just clustered by the end of the bar like no one else was there, and I guess at this time of day, after a busy lunch service, 10 or so folks eating and drinking can be considered no one. This afternoon’s conversation seemed to be about martial arts training and one waiter was showing off his moves. The clustering of wait staff: I know this happens in many restaurants, but I beginning to dislike it more. This hanging out, chilling in front of the dirty public. It just adds to the us against them mentality between servers and customers.

How do you judge a place on down time, especially because the bar area seems to be made for waiting for a table and for single people having a meal and not for a bar sense. The bartender asked me if I was going to watch the Super Bowl. Which is a pretty funny question because we are in New England its like asking someone if they have skin. He was attempting a friendly little repartee, I know. No harm. But he was happiest when he said his shift was over in an hour. Good for him.

Amount of Time in the Joint 15 minutes

Will I come back Maybe. The pizza might be good. This is not a bar to hang out in, but as a restaurant, why not?


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