The Citizen Wine Bar – #89 on the Tour

The Bar The Citizen

The Address 1 Exchange Street

The Day and the Time 8:45 on Wednesday

The price  8

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime  He didn’t and I didn’t get one. This shocked the hell out of me. And I Know, I shouldn’t be shocked out of anything. For such a place to not even ask and not give you one. Call the Press. Call the Police. Call Ms Manners.

What was the type of gin It was their basic gin, I didn’t catch what it was, but it was a very decent one.

What was the gin and tonic like A very nice drink. I liked it. I could tell they used Fevre Tree Tonic Water. It does make a difference. I would have liked a lime, but that’s just me being a philistine I suppose.

The Joint I ate here once with my wife and a few friends and never came back because, though the food was good, the service was terrible. I mean the waiter started snapping at us when we asked if we were going to get our food (food was coming out in dribs and drabs and we just wanted to make sure all the dribs came with the drabs) So I never returned. My wife did go again, and said the service was still kind of lousy. Can someone explain to me how bad service is accepted? I don’t get it.

But this was different for I am on my tour-quest. This was me just going to the bar. Which should be fine, and for the most part it was. Though I was the invisible man once again and getting the bartender’s attention was tough. This is slightly understandable because when I went to sit, I took a seat at the bar that was partially obscured. There were beer taps between me and the bartender’s gaze. But I was hoping he would see me. It took him five minutes to notice me. He apologized and got me my drink. There were other people around, mostly business people out for dinner and a few dates. The place is nice but relatively non-descript.

General Impressions It was interesting to notice the business people couples. They were here for work and drinking and eating and trying to get along. This is the kind of person who would go here, and for that, its seems perfect. Complicated comfort food and high end drinks. Its a nice place to be where people order Negronis. The dates were interesting too. One couple were at the bar chatting and smiling and then the guy got a call on his cell and went to the door to have a long conversation on it. The woman of the couple just did things onto her phone, texting or facebooking, she would break out into smiles while staring at the small screen of her phone, occasionally taking a bite of her food. This is how we go on dates now.

My invisible status continued when after a while I had finished my, very good, drink and waited to pay and leave. The bartender still could not see me well so I suppose out of sight….The restaurant manager saw me there and pointed me out to the bartender who then came over and took my money. Swell of him. (A brief break from the snark to say I thought the bartender was very friendly, just could not or would not see me)

Amount of Time in the Joint 20 minutes

Will I come back Nice enough drink. Nice enough high end atmosphere. Enough. No.


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