The Lucky Dog Music Hall – #91 on the Tour

The Bar Lucky Dog Music Hall

The Address 89 Green Street

The Day and the Time Wednesday at ninish

The price 5

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime He didn’t and I didn’t get one. But that was alright.

What was the type of gin Well

What was the gin and tonic like It was in a plastic cup. It was ice from a bin. It was gin from a bottle. It had tonic that came from bottling plants deep inside Middle Earth. It was all those things and more.

General Impressions Once again, I was the only one there. This shouldn’t have been too surprising, a couple weeks ago I went here to try a gin and tonic and it was a ten dollar cover charge because bands were playing. I gave a pass. So I came up with a policy of no big cover charge for this. I am sorry, I ain’t made of money. I mean I am not getting top shelf booze here, I’m a well drink kind of guy. But I still want to get to all the bars on this tour that I can, so I wanted to try to get those cover charge joints on quiet moments. I checked out the Lucky Dog’s website where they said that on Wednesdays people come and play dominos. Okay, no cover and dominos? Sign me up!

But all I saw was the bartender watching South Park. He was Al. He was personable. He was bored. I was it for custom (poor guy). He told me that the owner usually works Wednesdays and would bring his friends over to play dominos. But the owner is on vacation so its just Al and no Dominos. We chatted. He got pizza delivered, he even offered me a slice. He works the weekend and working at a music club is tough. Some nights are awesome, some are just the band and their girlfriends. It is a crap shoot. Some nights are great, packed.

The Joint This is a rock club. It has pictures of Betty Page in the bathroom, it is the image of roadhouse glory in the middle of Worm Town. This is a place that’s about the people listening to the bands, when its empty, its just dancing in the skeleton. Its a good place. I’ve been here before to see some bands. Hell, I saw the Bindlestaff Family Circus here and that was a hell of a show. The kind of show you don’t forget.

Amount of Time in the Joint 20 minutes

Will I come back Why not. For a drink, I don’t think so. But a good band shows up, or a friend playing bass in trio, why not. This is a fun place to see bands, but its a little sad when its empty.


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