Sidecar Discussion

The other day at work, I was particularly stressed out and a co-worker smiled indulgently at me and said, “Dante, you need to get a hobby.” I joked with him without saying anything else on the topic. But I was thinking to myself, I have a hobby! I go to every bar in Worcester and get a well bottle gin and tonic. Now how’s that with your model building, your show dog raising, your beer can collection. I am a collector of bars in the city limits. Not much to show for it out side of a depleted wallet and a struggling liver. But I have enjoyed it all.

I bring this up because as of this week, this quest is one year old. I didn’t start the blog until May, but I went to the first bar on the tour the first Sunday in March. And here we are, a year later, 94 bars down and a couple score to go with 56 thousand words written in this blog. If you asked me when I walked into the Diamond Bar and ordered a gin and tonic if I was going to be doing this a year later I think I would have shuddered disbelief. Back them, I didn’t know there were so many bars. Really. I lived in blissful ignorance. Its not a bad quest and as I have said before, I feel more in tune with the city than i ever had. So I am lucky.

See you at the bars



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