Pho Dakao – #96 on the Tour

The Bar: Pho Dakao

The Address 593 Park Avenue

The Day and the Time Wednesday at 4:15

The price 6.50

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime, No. She looked at the bar fruit and said to me, “I’m going to cut up some fresh lime for you. The lime here looks pretty sad.” I agreed and thanked her. No one wants sad limes. But that might not be fair to the lime slice. They might not be sad, they might have clinical depression. There is no reason to make  fun of a slice of citrus with a mental issue. I think we should start a fund. We can have a telethon. Please give for Happy Limes and Quinine!!! (which should be the tagline for this blog)

What was the type of gin House gin, as she said.

What was the gin and tonic like It was forgettable. There was nothing wrong with it. It was a serviceable drink that did its job, edged off a long day at work

The Joint This is a good Vietnamese restaurant that I have eaten at before. I really enjoy it. The bar was on the left side of the restaurant. A typical horseshoe bar, but with fake bamboo around it as an almost partition to make you realize that it is the bar area and not the restaurant, and that its the kind of place that believes in fake bamboo, to be fed to fake panda bears I suppose.

For the  time of day, the restaurant was starting to pick up. People were eating and having a nice time. I was by myself in the bar area though. So by myself that there was no one to man the bar. A watiress noticed my solitary status and came over to offer me respite, or at least a drink. She made my drink. Looked up what the price would be for such a concoction and then went back tot the lively restaurant part. I was alone to drink and watch ESPN on the TV and to be stared at like a museum piece.

General Impressions My solitude, without any other drinkers or even a bartender was fine. IT was a good sturdy bar, the place to have a good sturdy drink after work. After a long day filled with frustration, people have always gone to bars to drink it out. It might be one of those universal constants they talk about.  Sometimes at these after work sojourns, they want to talk about it and be loud with other patrons, sometimes they want to have appetizers to go with the anesthesia. But then there is the guy at the bar who sits with the drink square in front of him and you know that that is his only function. To drink and sit and not to speak. Maybe its these restaurant bars that are best suited for the quiet after work drink. The alone in public libation. The I will have just have one here and then off and back to my life type of cocktail. Maybe later it will get busy and raucous, so drink quickly, exit resolutely, leave a good enough tip that will allow you to do this near silent ritual at this restaurant bar again.

Amount of Time in the Joint 10 minutes

Will I come back Yes, but not for the bar. The food smelled amazing, and I know from the past that it tastes great as well. Don’t let my maudlin typing dissuade you. Its a good joint, and the bar, for what it is, was fine. We have a bunch of good Vietnamese restaurants in town, this is my wife’s favorite. So there.


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