Greendale’s Pub – #97 on the Tour

The Bar: Greendale’s Pub

The Address 404 West Boylston Street

The Day and the Time Wednesday at 8:45

The price 5.50

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime No I didn’t get one

What was the type of gin Well

What was the gin and tonic like It was a bland drink with a little bit of a kick. Nothing out of the ordinary anyway you look at it.

The Joint It is a big room. A bar on one side with tables on the other. I guess you can get food here but I did see a few folks bring subs in to eat. A pool table which was a center of attention. I saw one guy bring in his own pool cue. Does that really mean anything? Can you learn anything about the playe by the fact they schlep their own stick along? The main attraction was the large stage area where older men played blues. It was their wednesday blues jam open mic thing. I don’t know how it worked, because while I was there, it was the same band playing the whole time. But guys were signing up. All the musicians and the folks that brought in instruments were guys. The music was not too loud, and it was decent for Wednesday at  a blues jam. There were women there, just not playing music.

Everyone was a regular. Almost everyone coming in was greeted with familiarity if not a big shout and a hug. It was the place these people come on Wednesdays. One couple brought a large stack of Girl Scout Cookies, and other regulars picked up their orders. A few of them opened up the boxes and tucked in. By nine fifteen or so, I think we had 30 or so people in the house, which is nice.

The place is not immaculate. Its real run down. But do you want immaculate in a place like this. The ages of the patrons skewed older. I was one of the youngest people in their and I am in my mid forties. (when did that happen?) Someone told me that all the folks that hung out in Gilrein’s in the eighties have found refuge here at this joint (on Wednesdays)

General Impressions This was more fun than I care to admit. The friendly atmosphere, the worn by lively blues covers, the serviceable drink. This is what you want some time. I got a kick watching the older woman in the tank top, the dyed spiked hair, and the unfortunate tattoos dancing in front of the band, rocking out with her bad remembered self. Sometimes a guy would be dragged up to dance with her, but really, she seemed satisfied dancing solo.

Amount of Time in the Joint 20 minutes.

Will I come back Yeah. I can see it. I have been here before to see a friend play in a pick-up band a while back and had just as good a time. So yeah, not often I don’t think, but I can see it happening.


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