Jillian’s – #99 on the Tour

The Bar: Jillian’s

The Address 315 Grove Street

The Day and the Time Friday at 8pm

The price  6

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime She just put it in, yah!!! Go her!

What was the type of gin She asked if I want Tanqueray and I shook my head and said “Just the basic please.” Maybe the Ice Age that was to come was done out of spite that I was a Well Drink kind of plebeian. It was well. I don’t know how it was, though I think it tasted of the dreaded Gilberts gin.

What was the gin and tonic like It was a pint glass of ice. A lot of ice. I have had ice filled gin and tonics on this tour before, but this was the iciest. (Song of the Blog- You’re as Cold as Ice by Foreigner. Go ahead, sing along). I do understand that the bar owner wants to have the best amount of profit margin and one way is to give a small amount of product and putting gin in a ice filled pint glass is one way. This was a pint glass, but she filled it past the bridge with ice before pouring. There was a jagged dome of ice over the lip of glass. Some of the ice was over an inch past the top. I thought she was going to shake off some of the excess ice, but no, she began to pour. But she didn’t have to do it for long. A little gin, a little tonic and boy howdy you have a drink. Actually you have a glass of ice. Even after the liquid was put in there was still a good sized cornea of ice over the top of the glass. I know this is the usual tactic at McDonald’s, but there the soft drink is under three bucks and you can close the lid, not on this one.

A couple sips and the drink was over. It was not good gin, but I still wanted something for my six bucks. Let me put it this way, At Cisero’s, for 3.25, I had a gin and tonic in a plastic Dixie cup and I do not think I am wrong when I state I had more drink in the plastic cup than I did in the pint glass at Jillian’s. I guess this is how they get your money without paying a cover. For six bucks, you get to enter the vaunted halls of pool table land and you get a complimentary cup of ice. A bah-gain.

The Joint I haven’t been here in a long time and my memory is that it was a big place with pool tables and games and video games. I recall a nice balance of pleasant distractions. Now, it is still big but it feels mostly pool tables. There are a few other games and a couple air hockey tables, but it feels like a cool kid pool hall now. Couples playing pool. Its a fake pool hall. All the cool factors of pool halls are not present, but you have pool tables and you can order large glasses of ice.  Lots of young folk in black looking hip. There is something nice about a drinking place that also has things to do. Playing pool or darts. A band was setting up, so they did use the huge space well. It was clean and well lit enough.

General Impressions As I sat at the bar, playing a video trivia game, I got to hear another server and bartender conversation. The kind of conversation that does not take into consideration that paying customers are nearby. She said, “Yeah, so I went over to his house and yeah I stayed over. No. I didn’t sleep with him. He tried, but I wasn’t into it, not that. But you know its nice to know that I could if I wanted it. If I really need it. Nice to have the option.” And then she went off to a table to do some work I suppose. Hi, Dante of Worcester here, don’t mind me. Sorry I am here at your bar interrupting your discussion. I almost expected them to get annoyed at me for my presence in the midst of their bitch session.

While playing the video trivia game I got a high score and got to put my name on the top ten players. For my name I put down “Weakassdrink” but the computer would not allow that so if you go to Jillian’s you will see that my name being Bad Name. (I guess that’s their default for naughty words) But Bad Name is pretty good.

Amount of Time in the Joint 15 minutes

Will I come back On this experience I will say no, but I can see coming here if friends want to gather. I would not recommend it, but I wouldn’t be adverse on going if asked.


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