The Red Lantern – #101 on the Tour

The Bar: The Red Lantern

The Address 235 Shrewsbury Street

The Day and the Time Sunday at 6:30. Easter Sunday and people were coming out from their family obligations and getting a drink or two.

The price 5.50

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime No, she put it in without any muss or fuss from yours truly.

What was the type of gin Well

What was the gin and tonic like It was harsh, but fine considering.

The Joint Someone who knows of this tour I am on asked me where I have been lately and I said, “The Red Lantern.” She stepped back, shocked. “That’s a strip club.” “No, its a chinese restaurant.” After a few minutes, we figured she was thinking of the Lamplighter, which is not on the list of the tour, in case you’re wondering.

But that’s the kind of place it is, nice but easily forgotten and misidentified as something else. This is a good sized Chinese Joint that is clean and decent looking. I don’t know anyone who has eaten here, so I can’t say much about that. On this Easter evening, people were coming in, happy to be out. A gaggle of regulars were playing Keno. And there it is, not a strip club, but you are still tipping a dollar at a time to the Keno balls shimmying its groove thang on the video screen ( know, that’s a lousy analogy but its the best I got, so I’m keeping it.) Two women were seated near me, catching up, but most were drinking and playing Keno. The bar is on one side of the restaurant, and it had one Keno screen, though I can’t see why they don’t have more.

General Impressions Here’s the story I heard. One of the Keno regulars was telling another regular why the bartender (a usually lovely woman, full of infinite jest and all that) was in a sour mood. The woman said that some drunk came in and ordered a bunch of dishes, like Garlic Shrimp and other expensive things and then five minutes later changed their mind, canceled the order and split. The regular said that because the bartender put the order into the kitchen, she’s on the hook for it. “The night just started and she’s already forty bucks back, no wonder she’s not happy.”

Its nice to have a place where people like to come and feel welcome, if only that could happen without the need to Keno.

Amount of Time in the Joint 10 minutes.

Will I come back Not a bad place, but no.


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