Kenichi- #102 on the Tour

The Bar: Kenichi

The Address 270 Shrewsbury Street

The Day and the Time  Sunday at 7

The price 5.35

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime He did and I got one.

What was the type of gin It was the dregs of society

What was the gin and tonic like It was a gin and tonic. Something you get through on the way to something you like

The Joint: It is a small Sushi place on Shrewsbury Street. The food smelled alright, the bar was busy for an off time. Filled with regulars. Most were drinking and watching a Fast and Furious movie on the TV.

General Impressions Let me just say that I cannot understand the purpose of the Asian Restaurant bar. It is the hangout of people, but I don’t know how it works. In Red Lantern, they are there, I think for Keno. This, I don’t know. They were all regulars at the bar, here on Easter Sunday, ten people were gathered and drinking and talking. There was three people near me and they were the show. A couple and their female friend. It struck me that the girl in the relationship was much more into the guy than the guy was. She was leaning on him, pecking his cheek, being three sheets to the wind cute, and he was glowering, being stoic about it. They talked about getting a good price on tickets to see Kid Rock. There was a debate between whether the tickets were 20 bucks or 40.A ridiculous conversation, because Kid Rock is worth it for any price. One of the girls asked what a friend’s contact was and the other replied, “508 I’m a drunk” which I don’t believe is an actual number. Kid Rock showed up again in the conversation, I think it was in someone’s profile, being a lover of Kid Rock. Am I missing something? Did he become popular again or did I stumble into a wormhole and wind up a bar situated comfortably in 1997?

Then, as we were all having a fine time fueled by Rap/Rock nostalgia, a guy down the bar looked at his phone and then said, “Pablo.” The guy near me who was part of the couple looked at someone calling his name. The guy with the phone said, “Jerry is coming in, he will be here in a couple minutes.” The guy and the girl in the couple looked at each other, they both sat straighter. True to the word of a text message on a phone, a guy came in and someone said Hi Jerry. Jerry went over to Pablo and they said hello, but nothing was happy about the handshake. Jerry went down the end of the bar and got a beer. The happy banter was over, the tension had arrived. The tension of regulars. The problems of people all wanting to go to the same bar even though no one wants to cast eyes upon the other. Short Story instructors can have a week’s worth of writing prompts based on this moment. Me, i was just trying to have my drink, which I saw was almost empty and so I left, feeling more relaxed the further I got from whatever it was I was sitting next to.

Amount of Time in the Joint 20 Minutes.

Will I come back No


4 thoughts on “Kenichi- #102 on the Tour

  1. Wow, indeed Uschi. After over one hundred bars on this tour, to find something new was wonderful, While I was there, I texted Bartender Brian, telling him a little of what was going on and then said “Thank You O Gods of Blogging.”


    1. Hi Victor
      You make a good point on why this tour is so ridiculous. I do not get a sense of how a sushi bar makes sushi, only how a sushi bar makes Gin and Tonics. I also get a chance to feel the micro culture of the bar area, which is very different than if you are sitting at a table contemplating sashima and negamayaki. If somone did do sushi across Worcester where they had a maki roll in every joint in town, I would read that avidly.


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