Mezcal Cafe – #104 on the Tour

The Bar: Mezcal Cafe

The Address 30 Major Taylor Turnpike

The Day and the Time  Friday at 4:30

The price Six dollars

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime He just put it in..

What was the type of gin He asked me what I wanted I told him that I would have the basic and he went through a few thoughts and poured me one with Boodles which he then went on saying that to his mind, it is better than Bombay or Tanqueray, so there.

What was the gin and tonic like It was a nice drink, nothing bad to say about it. It was well proportioned and had taste, can’t be anything but pleased here.

The Joint This is a big industrial sprawl of a restaurant. It doesn’t have the warmest feel, due to the cold design, but it s a hell of a place none the less. I mean, they have a wall with paintings of luchadores, how can you not like a wall of luchadore paintings? The bar is big rectangle and the bartenders have to work hard to navigate it. It was not busy when I was there, but still people were at the bar for a drink and an appetizer and folks were coming in for dinner and what nots. The bartender said that this was the slowest it had been all day and he was sure that that was not going to last.

Just to be honest, i know the bartender, he’s a casual friend, though unaware of this tour. We spoke of friends and things that were happening. Another acquaintance of mine who works here, ran over and gave me a drive by hug. This is a Gin and Tonic Across Worcester first. The first surprise hug of the tour. Neither of them, I think, knew of my nefarious intentions, so bwa-ha-ha, to you all. I was a booze tourist wolf in sheep clothing.

General Impressions I have eaten here and like it. The bar is good as well. Its a loud boisterous after work place. The place focuses on tequila drink but the high ballI had was good. There is something to be said about the large loud, after work joint. Nothing wrong about a good one, and this was good.

Amount of Time in the Joint 15 minutes

Will I come back Absolutely. Maybe not for the bar, but for the food, no doubt. I like the place and I was happy that the gin and tonic that was not eight bucks and it was good. (I mean that’s why you all read this blog, right? To find out about gin and tonics? Correct?)


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