Smitty’s Tavern – #105 on the Tour

The Bar: Smitty’s Tavern

The Address 611 West Boylston Street

The Day and the Time Saturday at 2:30 in the afternoon

The price 5 bucks

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime She did and I got it

What was the type of gin It was their well, which was Boodles.

What was the gin and tonic like It was good, a little too much gin, making me taste the alcohol more than the other flavors.

The Joint Its two room separated by a couple steps. There is free over-salted popcorn (which I partook and adored) , there is a horseshoe bar, there is a sense of wear and age and there is the worst parking for a bar in Worcester. Hands down, I would rather park right in front of the Hotel Vernon and risk my car and my life on waking around Kelly Square then trying to vertical park right off of West Boylston Street. Getting out of there gave me a heart attack. There has got to be a better way to arrange parking then what they have.

The bar was barish. It had its Keno regulars and its residents talking about all the fun they had there the night before and what they were doing for the rest of the day. One of them wasn’t drinking, though his wife tried to get him to, because as he said, once he starts drinking, he can’t stop and he has things to do that day. (Buddy, there are church basements for that issue) Everyone was nice and friendly. The bartender was attentive. There was a good local vibe going on that was not exclusionary.

The bartender swiped her hand on the bar and mumbled to herself, the two regulars closest looked at her and she said, “We got little ants everywhere recently. They’re all over the place. They’ll be gone in a few days, but right now they’re annoying.” The guys she was talking to smiled and nodded, but I found myself staring at my high ball glass intently, seeing if I could spot any foreign movement. My issue with this is not that they had spring ants, but that she was talking about it to the patrons. Let it be unspoken. Just your little secret.

General Impressions Its a bar. A while back, someone in the comments of this blog, mentioned this place as one of the great bars of Worcester. I am happy for anyone to read this, and happy for those who love a bar to state it loudly and proud. But I will respectfully disagree. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t spectacular. A neighborhood bar. Nothing wrong with that. Actually, a lot to be said for such a distinction.

The bartender had a baseball cap that was in camo colors. A regular came in and complimented her on it and she said, “Yeah, it says Keno on it. I got two of them. The Keno rep came in earlier and gave them to us. You want the other?” She gave the guy the other Keno camouflage cap and he put it on his head quickly like he had won something. This brings up a lot of questions. Does Keno need to push their wares so much? Don’t they already have a set and addicted clientele to begin with? And why camouflage? Does Keno need to go stealth on us? Keno will blend into the surroundings and sneak up on you like a state sanctioned gambling commando and shoot you in the face.  Or something like that.

Amount of Time in the Joint 15 minutes

Will I come back No. Neighborhood bar not my own. Also, horrible parking.


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