Wormtown Brewery Tap Room – Not on the tour because these mashagunahs don’t have gin

Bar: Wormtown Brewery Tap Room

Address: 72 Shrewsbury Street

Day and Time: Sunday at 2:30 on a beautiful day

The Rant: Damn you Wormtown Brewery Tap Room. Damn you. How dare you only sell the beer you make in the back of the room. Your friendly employee told me the big vats that can be seen are where the beer are coming from. That’s not true, most beer is created in large labortories in Central China, aren’t they? Damn you Wormtown Brewery Tap Room. What makes you so damned high and mighty that I can’t get a lousy well based gin and tonic and only get a very nice Wit beer for $5.35? That’s crazy. I expect to go to run down joints and get gin and tonics and I come in here and its roomy and everyone is nice and there is no liquor, only the beer you make. Well aren’t you special. Damn you Wormtown Brewery Tap Room for offering a good product and having a nice patio where people can drink, and sample the wares and chat. Sure it was pleasant, but that’s not what this tour is about. Its not about having a fine drink in a nice location, but the persistent and heedless quest to go and get sub par high ball cocktails at every bar in town. I know I know I know. You are not a bar. You are a tap room. Yes, it was nice that during the long hall of gin and tonics to come here and have something well made and different, but damn you all the same. When you come to your senses and start serving Gilbert’s gin with some flat tonic water, give me a call, then we’ll be in business.




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