The Green Hill Golf Course Club House (grill on the hill) – #108 on the Tour

The Bar: The Green Hill Golf Course Club House – the receipt I got when I paid for the drink said that its called on the Grill on the Hill. Grill on the Hill, doesn’t that sound like the kind of bar Dr. Seuss would come up with?

The Address 1929 Skyline Drive

The Day and the Time  A lovely Sunday at 2:20 in the afternoon

The price 5 bucks

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime She did and then I got it

What was the type of gin Well

What was the gin and tonic like There was nothing special about the drink, nothing at all other than the part that it was a nice day for a drink and I liked being at a golf course drinking without having to schlep clubs and swing at the itty ball.

The Joint This is the club house for the local public golf. I never had this on my list of bars to go to, but I was driving on this lovely Sunday and saw someone put a bag of clubs in their trunk and I thought, isn’t their booze at the golf course? I didn’t know, but I was willing to find out, for you, my hoard of gin and tonicers. The worst that would happen would be I went up, saw nothing like a bar and then split. It has happened before. I went and did find a club house restaurant. It had thin old carpenting and old wood furniture, like you would expect. The bar was a corner and was pretty small, but the bartender was friendly and attentive. She told me that because they were just opening up for the season, they only had paninis and some appetizers, the main menu was starting the next week.

General Impressions It’s nice to have a day this year when you can play golf. I spoke to the woman behind the bar and she said that they only opened up the weekend before. I asked if this is the latest they ever opened and she seemed to think there was on year a while back that was this late. But it was a beautiful day, the day before Patriots Day and the bar was kind of empty, people were out side playing golf, who wanted to be inside drinking? Well… But’s more a calling than a desire. There were four guys, finished with their round, sitting and shooting the shit. They were trying to figure out the best time to play again together and comparing which their favorite courses were in the area. They were having beer and one was having one of the sandwiches that were available.  On the tv was bowling and myself and everyone else was drawn to it like moth to the ten pin flames. It was after a few minutes when the bartender said, “Wait, what time is it? The Sox game is on. Does everyone want the Sox and not this?” She got no serious response and then the Red Sox was turned on.

At a nearby table, three women were having food and wine. They were all friendly and chatty like they hadn’t seen each other in a while. I spent some time pondering them, wondering if they were golfers themselves, just done with the links or were they wives of golfers, thrown together with friends like ports in the storm.  I hoped I was wrong, that they were golfers, but they weren’t dressed for golf, but what do I know about Links Sartorial Splendor? Some folk were outside. It was a good relaxed way to be.

Amount of Time in the Joint 20 minutes

Will I come back I’m not a golfer, so I don’t think I will hang out here. I also am not a golf groupie, wanting to sit next to local legends who hit birdies everytime. I know, no one does that, but this is just me going on. So I will say no, but I do have to say that I have been to clubhouses before and this was a friendly one. I don’t think anyone would be upset with the service or the view.


4 thoughts on “The Green Hill Golf Course Club House (grill on the hill) – #108 on the Tour

  1. random question for you, now that your an expert on bars in Worcester. What place(s) would you recommend to go for a beer/drink after a day at work just to relax and unwind. Curios your picks! thanks.

    1. Hi Mike, thanks for reading and commenting. I am no expert on any thing bar related, and this tour does not make me the beer after work expert but there are a hell of a lot of nice bars to have a drink in. If you don’t want too much crowd after work maybe Vincents or Gallaghers or Breens. Breens might get crowded but its a hell of a bar. If you want food and keno with the beer you might try Ken Chin’s. I thought Marty’s was a nice neighborhood bar vibe too. Or Nick’s on Millbury Street. Or Blarney Stone, that was a nice after work experience for me. Hope that helps. If anyone else reads these comments and has an idea, let us know. Thanks


  2. Hey Dante,

    We never golf. Never. Not ever. But sometimes spousal unit and I lunch up at the golf course just because it’s one of the few places in Woo where a person can comfortably sit outside and enjoy a view of something other than a parking lot.

    Also, there’s the Sand Wedge. (Get it? The Sand Wedge… the sandwich…) the little snack shack one passes on their way to the parking lot. Cheap, beer available and a picnic table looking out at the 18th hole. At least, I think it’s the 18th hole. Again – not a golfer.

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