The Flying Rhino – #109 on the Tour

The Bar: The Flying Rhino

The Address: 278 Shrewsbury Street

Day and Time: Sunday at three-ish

The Gin and Tonic Story (The Gin and Tonic Story, doesn’t that sound like a lost Preston Sturgess film?): Dear Readers, I did get a gin and tonic from Flying Rhino, but it was two weeks ago and nothing has stuck from my time there about the gin and tonic. There is nothing that I recall. I remember that it was just okay. I don’t remember how much it was, maybe six or seven bucks. I don’t remember the lime situation. Usually, I have a strong memory of those things due to my Super Gin and Tonic Abilities that I have honed since I was a child, but this time, its all gone. You will see, it just didn’t work for me, so I apologize for not being too precise on this one – Red Faced Dante.

The Joint The place was busy, and has a inviting funky feel to it. I must say that with all that, it was looking like it could deal with a little freshening up. New paint, new something. Nothing wrong with it, just felt a wee bit (and I do mean a wee bit) tired. All and all, a nice enough place. Busy, that’s nice too.

General Impressions: I ate at Flying Rhino in the past twice. Both times, the food was poor. I learned my lesson. I have not been there in 14 years. It is saying something that there is a restaurant that has lasted 14 plus years, that’s a great accomplishment and there must be something very appealing about it. I don’t know what it is. The bar was busy for Sunday at 3, which is great. The outside tables were filled, people were laughing and eating and drinking. Yes, there must be something appealing about the joint, but none of it rubbed off on me. I got my drink and the bartender was professional but not friendly, which is fine for a busy afternoon. There was no seats at the bar so I stood and drank. I got no interesting details that I wanted to impart here. I got no positive points I wanted to mention. What I got was a drink at a busy restaurant bar. I don’t know why I am so ambivalent about it, but there you go. Maybe its because earlier that day I hit Victory Bar and Cigar, then Wormtown Brewing and then to the Golf Course Club House and had a nice experience in all of them, that maybe I was tired or tight or whatever the Flying Rhino is just didn’t sing to me. All i know is that after two minutes I drank my high ball quickly because I just was not excited about being there. There is nothing scientific or anthropological about it, I just didn’t dig it. I can’t say that any survivor of the restaurant is bad, there are many people who love it, i just wanted to be somewhere, anywhere, else. I am sure that is me and not the bar. Blame it on the final leg of the tour.

Time Spent at the Joint: 10 minutes or maybe less

Will I Come Back: No


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