Mambo Drink Hookah Lounge – #111 on the Tour

The Bar: Mambo Drink Hookah Lounge

The Address 105 Water Street

The Day and the Time Cinco de Mayo at nine thirty.

The price 7

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime No, he seemed to have a hard time finding the gin. I was the first one in, though they had opened thirty minutes before and the bar was not set up and then came the long process of getting the gin and tonic. From ordering to receiving the drink in an empty bar was five minutes

What was the type of gin Well

What was the gin and tonic like Pretty lousy. It was a drink, and that’s something, there was a moment when I thought I wasn’t going to get any kind of a drink.

The Joint I have a no cover charge rule on this tour, but that does not mean I don’t want to go to those places, it just means that I will try to go when they don’t have a cover, on off days. This is the second time I have done that (the first was at the Lucky Dog) and with the same results: I was the only one in the joint. I thought I had planned this out because I saw a flyer for Mambo saying they would be open for Cinco de Mayo ( a Tuesday) and there would be no cover. The doors opened (says the flyer) at nine. I got there at nine thirty. Only one there save the staff of five. They were only just setting up the bar when I got there. So they didn’t expect anyone this early. I do wonder how the crowd would be on a Tuesday, I don’t know.  If anyone was to show, I am sure it was going to be closer to eleven then my ridiculous nine thirty.

What I saw was a long thin room that had flashing disco lights and laser doo hickeys and they were pumping a smoke machine to give it a clubby from the nineties feel. There were tables and chairs and large swaths where the invisible people can boogy down (I just like typing the term boogy down). They had large plasma tvs showing the visual to a SexySexySexy music video (they look sillier without the sound on). It looked like a perfectly acceptabble and dare I say, good place for night clubbing activities. Just add people. The one thing that is odd is its Hooka Bar designation. I didn’t see any hookas on my once over of the joint. I didn’t see any tobacco menu or any similar to what I found at Electric Haze and the Shisha room. I wonder if Mambo has the designation so that people can smoke, I don’t know, but it certainly was more a regular night club to my eye than a hooka emporium (not that I am complaining, I’m just stating). Everything there is geared for Spanish speakers, and that’s wonderful we have a location for a part of Worcester community that might not be taken care of in other places.

General Impressions: Let me just say right now, I know the goal is to go to every bar in Worcester for my gin and tonic fix, but I am just rubbish at night clubs. I am middle aged, married with kids, and I never did like going to dance clubs when I was young and single. I have a job that starts early in the morning. I can’t start the tour at eleven at night or later so that I can truly see what’s what with a joint.  If this tour is to see the cultures of bars and drinking establishments in this CIty, than I suck at it, because I just can’t stay up that late. And this problem is not just night clubs, I estimate that in 10% of the bars I have been too on this tour, I have been the only one there. That’s not the fault of the bar, per se, just on when I can make it to a bar. But you know, the bar is open for business, so it really is no blame on me when the joint is empty either. All I’m saying is that I will not have a good sense of night club culture from this tour. I have two more night clubs that are still on my list, wish me luck that I will see something. I suck at night clubs, but I did get a gin and tonic, so mission accomplished

Amount of Time in the Joint 15 minutes, most waiting for the drink.

Will I come back No. I hope they get customers, but I know its not my place


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