Bocado – #113 on the Tour

The Bar: Bocado

The Address 82 Winter Street

The Day and the Time  Sunday at seven on Mother’s Day

The price 7

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime He asked and put it in with skill and grace.

What was the type of gin Bombay

What was the gin and tonic like I haven’t talked about it, but the glass that they used was good looking and felt good in the hand. Maybe because most of the glasses are basic and utilitarian. This glass was nice (This section of Gin and Tonics Across Worcester is sponsored by Crate and Barrell) The drink was very good. I had Bombay gin once before in this tour, and this seemed to be the better of the two drinks. It was a very nice drink..

The Joint I still think of this as the place that used to be SPQR, an Italian coffee and drinks place that lasted just a tiny bit a decade ago. Its been Bocado for some time and its a nice, good looking restaurant. The bar is small and its more for eating and waiting for friends then as a bar. I liked how it still felt like a bar.

General Impressions I can imagine having a drink here waiting for a friend or for having a few appetizers. At the bar, were a couple folk from other Niche restaurants having drinks, talking familiar with the staff. The bartender was good, he knew his game. It was a pleasant time having a drink, which is not something I always feel when at a restaurant bar. In a lot of instances, I feel like I am putting in time before I can leave, that there is something odd about me just having a drink and no food. Here, I didn’t have that problem.

Amount of Time in the Joint 15 minutes

Will I come back Sure. I like the restaurant, I like the area. The bar was good.


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