Sidecar Discussion – This and That and Some of the Other Thing

-So a friend came up to me and said, “So Dante, there is a new Latin Tapas restaurant that opened near me, it looks good.” Then she paused and smiled a malicious smile and said, “It has a full bar.” That’s when your host swore. I put it on the list. Of course I put it on the list. I am trying to go to all the bars in Worcester, so I did. But I feel like the reverse Tantalus. Instead of not getting anything to drink, I always have new places to drink. More choices. More things on the list. I envy Tantalus. I now have around 20 or so bars and or restaurants on the list, but its not going down, because I am hearing of other places to go to, or am convinced by friends that places I wasn’t going to visit, I have to go to. But its around 20 to go. I better drink faster than new bars can open. Its a race, we’re taking bets.

-Want to know who I am, here’s a hint, the last two bars I went to, I discovered later, my fly was down the entire time. So there, you have a clue.

-I want to thank those who are telling others about my blog, it means a lot to me. Keeps me going on this final lap or two. I do want to say hello to the Twitter account Gin World who is reposting my recent stops on the tour. Also, the Raven put links to my mention of them on their website, that’s awfully nice. Of course I did like the Raven a lot.

-And now I will try a catch phrase, let’s see how it goes.

-That’s it for me, Gin On everybody.



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