Wither Leitrim’s (a strange case study in inaccessibility)

1. Leitrim’s is a college bar on Park Avenue, and one of the few remaining bars in town I have to go to for this tour of bars and gin and tonics.

2. I was there once about 15 years ago. It was Assumption College heavy and dark and old and sweaty. There was no place to sit. I never felt the need to return. But let’s be honest, once we find the bar we call our own, we don’t tend to return to other bars, it smacks of infidelity.

3. In August of last year, they put up a banner on the outside of the bar saying “Welcome Back Students.” This is a fine thing to have up in August. The sign was still up in October. It was there in February. It was there in May. Ah hell, let’s be fair, its there right now. In a couple months, that sign will be spot on correct. It’s like what they say about broken clocks giving the correct time twice a day.

4. They opened up a thing on the side called the Back Door Pub. I have seen that door open every now and again. The front might be closed but this could be open and ready to serve the thirsty masses.

5. Two Thursdays ago, I had some time and went to have a gin and tonic there, for the tour, at 7:30, it wasn’t open. I thought that odd. I went to my regular bar afterwards and was practically scolded by Bartender Bart. He said its a college bar and they know what hours work for them. They know they can’t be open too early. They are just working the correct times for their clientele.Well and truly chastened, I dropped the subject.

6. On June 17th, this was written on the Leitrim’s facebook account, “Leitrim’s is open now, and will continue to be open for many more years. We have heard some rumors about us being closed. LET’S PUT THE RUMORS TO REST. WE ARE OPEN for the summer, and will be open for fall.”

7. It is today, June 26th, and I went to check them out at 9:30. That seemed like an okay time to go and check out a bar, a tad early, but still, its 9:30. I walked to them and the front door had their lights on and the open sign blaring red neon, but the door was locked. I went over to the Back Door Pub entrance and the door was open. I peered in and there was no one in there, save a bartender wiping down the bar.

8. I didn’t go in. I didn’t want an empty bar. I have had too many of them on this tour, most of them my fault. But this was Friday at 9:30. So I walked around the neighborhood and spied the other bars and restaurants, seeing most of them busy. Some how, the spirit of this blog took me up, and I realized I should just say the hell with it and go and get my cocktail at Leitrim’s. I went back and at 9:40 I pulled at the door of the Back Door Pub entrance and it was now locked. I went to the front and that was still locked. I said the hell with it and headed off.

9. As Leitrim’s said so eloquently on their Facebook Let’s put the rumors to rest. Let’s do that. Let’s speak only truth. At 9:40 on  Friday June 26th 2015, the lights said they were open, but all the doors were locked. They did not want my custom. If they did, they would have been open.

10. When I started writing this post, 20 minutes ago, I still didn’t know if I was going to go back and try to get a drink from them for this tour of every bar in Worcester. After writing this 700 word post, I realized, the hell with them. I ain’t going to try. They are off the list. They don’t want to be unlocked and ready on a Friday then they don’t want people to come and drink.


Dante of Worcester


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