The Sole Proprietor – #124 on the Tour

The Bar: The Sole Proprietor

The Address 118 Highland Street

The Day and the Time Wednesday 8:55

The price five fifty (which was amazing to me)

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime He just put it in

What was the type of gin Well but decent well. Their well is made from fine stock I suppose.

What was the gin and tonic like A good drink, one where I could sense the tonic, which is usually the forgotten element of a good gin and tonic. It can be flat or too little or just a lousy type, but this one was noticeable and did well with the gin.

The Joint It is a handsome, well appointed seafood restaurant with a good sized bar. The bar was not big enough because at nine on a Wednesday, Bartender Brian and I could not get a seat. It was packed. The bartenders were fast and serious. This was one of those “no smiling” joints, not because the staff don’t have a song in their heart, but that they are too damned busy and professional.

Brian mentioned that someone at the bar was listening in on our conversation and so I quickly added more vulgarity to my conversation and changed the topic to gun running and other delightful pastimes. Brian just rolled his eyes and drank his beer. There is nothing wrong with eavesdropping at a bar, I mean, that is where half of the topics of this blog came from, from good old fashioned listening in.

The hostess was working damned hard, she set up a table and cleaned it for a party waiting for a seat, but not fast enough. When she returned to seat the party, they said they waited long enough and left the restaurant.

General Impressions: This is a high end joint and the people at the bar were eating and drinking fine cocktails and were enjoying themselves in the way you can in an expensive crowded eatery. Brian and I gossiped about friends and people he works with at the old saloon. One of the conversations we had is worth mentioning. I went on my rant wanting more bars with no televisions and Brian shook his head in an authorative fashion and said, “Bartending, I love televisions, and I love cell phones. Cell phones have been the best thing for me.” I stared agape at him and he continued, “It keeps them there. Before cell phones, people would have a beer and get bored or lonely and then go home or move on. Now with cell phones, they are attached to whomever or whatever. A cell phone is good for another two or three drinks. People linger with a good game on the tv and they really linger with Words with Friends or Facebook update. It might make people more anti-social, but they are more anti-social in public with drinks in front of them.”

I understood what he was saying, but for all of that, I was enjoying talking to a friend in a bar more than anything the tv or social media can give me. This is a good place for that. Its a nice backdrop and facade for conversation. Also, if you are by yourself and want a good meal, I think this would be a good place to sit at the bar with a book or a smartphone and just be.

Amount of Time in the Joint 30 minutes

Will I come back I can see it. I have eaten here a while back and it was terrific. The bar feels like a bar, though crowded in the middle of the week, crazy, but its a nice place to settle. Brian and I went to one more bar that evening, keep your eyes on this blog!!!


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