The Sahara – #125 on the List

The Bar: Sahara

The Address 143 Highland Street

The Day and the Time It was Wednesday around ten PM. This was the third bar that I and Bartender hit on our tour within a tour of Highland Street drinking establishments.

The price 8 bucks, but there was a reason for that. I made choices. He asked if I wanted a short or tall, and because I was still being social with Bartender Brian with me, I went tall. And then I had a choice of well gin or Tanqueray, with Tanqueray being a buck more. I said the hell with it and paid the extra buck. Call me kooky.

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime He did

What was the type of gin It was Tanqueray.

What was the gin and tonic like You know, this tour is becoming a big old advertising for Tanqueray, or so it appears. Because Tanqueray is the safe affordable gin. Let’s hear it for a gin that tastes of juniper and spices and not of some alchemical experiment gone buggy. It was a fine glass. I paid a little more for it, but after two drinks already of questionable merit, this extra expenditure was warranted. (Look what happens when I go a week without writing one of these posts, my vocabulary leans to the show offery. sorry.).

The Joint You know, after 16 years in the Worcester area, I have never been in here. Just never found  the need and no friends invited me there. What a nice space. It had large ceilings and it was bright and airy. The bar was in the back and it was long and accommodating. It could have done with a few more wiping downs, but still a good surface to lean towards. Brian told me this used to be a clothing store way back. I just liked being in there. The bar had peoplle and the bartender was damned friendly.

General Impressions We were there for a while. Brian went for a few more drinks and I switched to Diet Coke (I was driving) and the bartender said that it might get quiet for a while but many times around ten or eleven they get people leaving the Boynton or Sole Proprietor. This is the second or third stop, and I can’t see why not. A lot of times bars in restaurants are after thoughts, just something to have to provide liquor for the diners. This had a bar feel and happy I was about it.

Bartender Brian noticed two women who used to go to his bar, but he hadn’t seen in a while. He bought them a round and chatted with them. He was pleasant and told them to stop by his bar sometime they feel so inclined. After they left he told me he fears that they had a not great experience at his joint, and he hoped to bring them back, they were nice customers. He was happy they seemed to find a good place here at Sahara, but one can go to both places. This was a nice piece of alcohol outreach.

Amount of Time in the Joint About an hour or so. It was a nice time talking to Brian and the bartender and the others at the bar who came and went.

Will I come back Here is the amazing thing about this tour, if you asked me what bar was going to be my favorite of the three Highland Street joints we hit that night (Sahara, Boynton, Sole) I would never had said that Sahara was the most enjoyable bar, but there you go. It was a nice time and I do want to go again. Not by myself, this is a bar to go with a friend.


2 thoughts on “The Sahara – #125 on the List

  1. Hi Victor. That’s right, no food on the tour. I only broke that rule twice. I have heard the food is good and the friendly bartender told us that pita and humus is available for the bar crowd late into the night, which is also nice. What can I say, I was surprised by the Sahara.


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