Sidecar Discussion – The Final Lap

A few things for those who read this tour journal

I have less than ten bars to go to and I will finish the tour. I do know a few places I will not be going to for various reasons: Leo’s, Rocky’s, El Basha (I went to the one on Park Ave and didn’t enjoy my bar stay there so why go to another one). Livia’s Kitchen, Ahn Thu 2, and Leitrim’s as I discussed previously. If I miss others, I am sorry, but not too much. But we have more to go.

I am thinking of inviting people to join me for the last gin and tonic of the tour, but I want to still remain anonymous so I have to figure out how to do that.

Would anyone want a book of the best of this tour? Just curious.

Have I said lately what a great time I have doing this blog and going on this tour? Thank you for reading.



6 thoughts on “Sidecar Discussion – The Final Lap

  1. Hi, This is Dante, we got a comment from Daniel with a St Joseph University IP address, he told me to go eff myself. Daniel, if you have an issue with what I write here, please email in an appropriate way and I will be happy to respond,


  2. Re: Daniel – that’s too bad but may I respectfully suggest that you let it go. If Daniel’s a jerk – isn’t that his problem – and not yours? Also, will you be visiting Vincent’s on the tour? I’m acquainted with the daytime tender there and am tempted to tip him off. : ) LOVE the blog. Will be sad to see it reach its end.

  3. I just noticed this new place on Water Street, well new to me at least. It was something like Gin Lovers Palace or maybe it was G+T Express, for all your gin and tonic needs.

    Seriously, I’m sad to read that the adventure is winding down. Hopefully your liver will forgive you.

  4. wait…can’t you think of another drink you need to sample?? You are a very funny writer….how about food next so your liver doesn’t hate you!

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