Maxwell Silverman’s – #127 on the Tour

The Bar: Maxwell Silverman’s

The Address 25 Union Street

The Day and the Time Friday 9:50

The price 5.25

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime She asked and I got

What was the type of gin Paint thinner, I believe. whoah.

What was the gin and tonic like I remember that I was so excited about a good affordable gin and tonic after a large battalion of eight dollar drinks. I found myself a table to lean on to watch the madness of the dance floor and took a generous sip and I almost gagged. I had a bad science experiment in my mouth and there was no potted plant to spit it into. What the hell was this I was drinking?

The Joint This is a giant old school dinner place that looks good and presentable for its age. They have a bunch of things from the tool and die factory that was there previously and that kind of thing works for me. There was a small dance floor to the side and that was why we are all here. This is where disco lives, for people over fifty (or so). They dress up and dance and drink and then sit with panting shoulders. There were some very old people up there going at it, and that was cool. The wait staff looked resigned, wondering why the hell they were picking up after this group (not a lot of smiles in the employees). I saw one woman who looked younger than the man she was with then I saw her speak, or try to. Her plastic surgery made it difficult to move her facial muscles. Or was that the botox. She had a lot of work done, let us just keep it at that.

It was funny to notice that some of the dancing rituals were just like I remembered in high school. There were still groups of women dancing and men coming in looking on at them from the corners drinking their punch (I mean beers). The popular girls flitted around chatted with people in each of the groups. Of course these popular groups were grandmothers, but who’s to say they still aren’t passing notes in class and meeting up with the cute guy by the boiler room, I mean the bar that makes boilermakers?

I was still kind of early and people were coming in and the dance floor was filling up. People were have a fine time to the great Abba songs of the 70s.

General Impressions My friends told me I had to make it here to see, as they call Jurassic Dance and I am glad I did. But as much as I feel the desire to mock and make fun, who’s to say you won’t see me there in fifteen or twenty years? Of course I don’t see disco. I see in 25 years going to the Punk Rock Night at the Rec Center where codgers put on our leathers and mosh pit move, careful not to knock over anyone’s dialysis machine. The Ramones, the B52s, the Talking Heads. Every band our grandkids roll their eyes at. We will drink one old fashioned cocktail and wonder why the young wait staff are snickering at us, don’t they know this is Rock and Roll? This is youth. This is a good night out. Yeah. I can see that, so who am I to say anything about this place. People in their fifties and higher need a joint to let loose, why not this place?

Amount of Time in the Joint 20 minutes

Will I come back No. Happy there is the place, but its not somewhere I need to be. I wish the staff was happier.


2 thoughts on “Maxwell Silverman’s – #127 on the Tour

  1. After all you went through to get there that was a very nice write-up. Thank you.

    BTW, 20-something years ago we passed through the bar on our way down from an upstairs function room. And… Elvis. For (sort’a) real. There was a real, live, Elvis impersonator singing in the lounge. We stayed and enjoyed one more drink. We had to. I mean, how often does one bump into an Elvis impersonator?

    Never been back. There is simply no way the place will ever top that.

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