Ceres Bistro – #129 on the Tour

The Bar: Ceres

The Address 363 Plantation Street, in the Beechwood Hotel

The Day and the Time Friday at 8:45

The price 8.56

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime She just put it in

What was the type of gin Tanqueray

What was the gin and tonic like It was fine.

The Joint I have stopped in four times and every time there was no one at the bar. This time I just went and eventually three others joined me at the bar. It is an ultra modern restaurant and the bar is a strange thing that reminds me of the Milk Bar from the movie A Clockwork Orange. It is circular and it has lights in it. The bar glows a soft white light. There is no easy way for the bartender to get out of the bar and she has to do a strange variation of Limbo to remove herself.

General Impressions The three people at the bar were acting friendly and familiar with the bartender. They had been here a lot over the last few days. I thought it was a wedding or a convention. But it wasn’t. There friend was in the hospital across the street. He was having seizures. They were waiting for word either way from the doctor. They were at the bar complaining about the wait, the uncertainty. They had been here a lot over the last few days. They compared notes on how they reacted to all the texts and calls from friends who couldn’t make it to Worcester to vigil at the hospital bed and the bar stool. They began to feel numb more from the replies they were obligated to give then waiting to hear whether their friend was going to make it. They drank and asked the bartender how she was doing this nice quiet evening. Another bartender came in and one of the drinkers asked him about his motorcycle. They went out to look at it. Something to do. Something solid you can rely upon, something with a good suspension.  They had been here a lot over the last few days.

Amount of Time in the Joint 20 minutes

Will I come back Everyone was nice and everything seemed alright, but I can say that I would prefer a warmer place. A friendlier esthetic for me, thanks. For those who need a bar near the hospital, this seems like a decent place to be.


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