Nuovo – #128 on the Tour

The Bar: Nuovo.

The Address 92 Shrewsbury Street

The Day and the Time Friday at Eight or so

The price 8.50. This was an eight dollar drink with tax making it a drag. Damn the man!

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime I think he put it in. This is one of those snooze fest joints that make it hard for me to recall all these pertinent details.

What was the type of gin It was Tanqueray.

What was the gin and tonic like Fine. It was okay. I liked it. I was bored with the joint.

The Joint Piano Bar with Lounge Music Stylings Warning! You want a well dressed kid tinkling the ivories singing neutered versions of the songs of the seventies and eighties, This is the place for you. I don’t know who else this is for. It is an Italian place but the decor was bland and non descript. The place was only half full on a Friday. The people at the tables were sitting waiting for food, like they were waiting for the bus to arrive. It was not a joyous room. The bartender was nice and professional. He made a quick efficient drink.The place is clean, but just bland.

General Impressions This was one of those, “The Bar is Empty and I Should Come Back When There are People Are There Joints” and I did that about four times. This time, I jumped in and sat at the empty bar. The place just was. Nothing wrong with it. I hope the food was killer, because nothing else about the place screamed personality.

At the bar I am at now, I spent several minutes butchering the name of this restaurant when I stated this was the latest dispatch from the tour. I couldn’t figure out how to say Nuovo. One woman at the bar was able to pronounce it satisfactory, but who knows if she was right. I will call the place Mikey. Might as well be Mikey.

Amount of Time in the Joint 10 minutes

Will I come back No


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