The Country Music Ranch and Saloon – #133 on the Tour

The Bar: The Ranch

The Address 70 James Street

The Day and the Time Thursday at Nine. During the week, the ten dollar cover charge ceases at nine and then I can enter. Gin and Tonics Across Worcester has a no cover charge policy. It doesn’t mean I will give up on the place, it just means I will show up at odd times like Thursday at Nine.

The price Six Fifty

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime She asked and I got it.

What was the type of gin It was well gin

What was the gin and tonic like Not too great, but this is a place that seems to sell a lot more bottles of water than beer or drinks, so you can’t expect mixological greatness in the joint.

The Joint This is a very large space that is located in a huge, immense buildingand could fit in other clubs and businesses but seems underused and it comes across as shabby. The building, not the bar. You do have to walk down one of the hallways to get to the Ranch. Sorry, You have to mosey down a hallway to get the Ranch. There. Better.

The Ranch is big, the bar not as big as you might think, but as I said earlier, people seem to be there more for the dancing  than the drinking. And even at nine on a thursday there were about 30 or 40 people on the dance floor doing the line dance thing. I come from a world of bad high school dances where the boys leaned against the gym risers and tried to not feel awkward. I then graduated to mosh pits and general dancing destruction, so this line step rule based dancing is foreign to me. But that doesn’t mean that it is wrong or bad, just different. The bartender was friendly, but seemed happier when friends would come by the bar so they could chat and plan their days off together. Near the large dance floor was a grouping of tables and people were gathered there mostly when not feeling the need to go out and heel toe heel toe kick and turn and heel toe (I mean shake their groove thing).The place was brightly lit. Near the front, an employee was putting cups of water in a pattern on a table, preparing for drinking game shenanigans to start later no doubt.

General Impressions You could tell the regulars, they had cowboy boots. No matter what they were wearing, they had cowboy boots to finish the ensemble.

Recently, someone was complaining that there was not enough places in town for him to go to. Places he liked. So though he didn’t like Maxwell Silverman’s and the scene, he wanted to dance and that was the place he wound up at. The Ranch fills a need, a niche. One cannot complain that there isn’t a place to country line dance in Worcester. Those who want to will go here. And judging from the friendly familiar conversations, they certainly do go here and have created friendships based on this place. If this is not your thing, don’t go here. but if you do and don’t mind the ten dollar cover on the weekends and before nine PM during the week, then have at it.

There were younger people there who knew the dances and sang along to the songs. There were also older folk out for an evening trying to figure out which foot kicks and at which point. I like that there is a place that makes people happy to be out. I of course was singing Talking Heads tunes to myself while working at my poor drink.

Amount of Time in the Joint 20 minutes

Will I come back No. And I knew that going in. But its a fine enough place. There is a sense of self selecting community going on here. Want a country music based community to be a part of? That go to the Ranch. It’s decent. Me? I am not looking for such a place, so will boody down into the sunset while no one shouts out after me, “Shane! Come back Shane!”


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