The Wonder Bar – #134 on the Tour

The Bar: The Wonder Bar

The Address 121 Shrewsbury Street

The Day and the Time Saturday at 10:10

The price 6 dollars

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime she asked and then gave it to me

What was the type of gin It was a vile well drink, you know, my favorite kind

What was the gin and tonic like It was alright, the bartender (or the person acting bartender) seemed a little off her game, she didn’t have a good flow on finding the drink and ringing it up. This does effect the drink experience. Its all a show. If you are shaky making the silly thing, then it won’t be a great time having it.

The Joint There is a nice feeling in realizing that this great Worcester mainstay is back. It was gone for about two years or so. It was sad when it shuttered. Another owner has it and he did a lot of repair and cleaning in it. I miss the dark cramped of the old Wonder Bar, but hey, its open. The bar is now twice as long and the place is scrubbed and bright. I don’t know how the pizza is, I hope it is good, because it didn’t have much a personality. Nothing bad really, but there was something about that old wreck of a Wonder Bar. This is a nice presentable pizza restaurant.

General Impressions And now….Dante of Worcester’s Guide on How to Make a Casual Walk In Drinker Unwelcome. This is great to know if you just finished a long rush of diners and now it is the ungodly hour of ten o’clock (ten o’clock? is anyone even awake at that time?) and you want to go home or maybe stay at the bar and eat and chat with friends, not help anyone else out, doesn’t this guy know that you should not enter a restaurant bar when the staff is mentally done?

The best way to make him feel unwelcome is before you greet them (why greet them, they shouldn’t be here, they should be sitting in a Barbary Coast bar stool with a trap door dropping them into a cell) you should look them straight in the eye and say, “The Kitchen’s closed. You can’t get pizza anymore tonight.”

That’s the way to do it. Don’t say hello. Don’t ask them what they want and then let them know what’s available. Don’t do any of those things. Just tell them of all the things they will not be able to have and give them the hint that this is a good time for them to leave and find a Dunkin Donuts to bother. Now it is true the bar is still open, but come on…… Really. This place is a pizza joint. Sure it says Bar in the name of the place, but that’s just part of a pun, right?

A smart guy will make for the door, but this one doesn’t and asks if he can get a drink if that’s alright. Dammit. You’re screwed. You put on a smile and get him his drink. A gin and tonic? That’s a lame drink. Make sure you take your time pouring it for him. Make him know that this is a hassle. Stop in the making of it to talk to your friends who are working with you and are lucky to not be bothered with a customer. Who is this guy anyway?

Once he gets it and pays, ignore him. Talk to your friends. Give them drinks quickly. Don’t ask him if he wants anything else, because really, he shouldn’t even want to be here. The real customers were the ones who came during the rush and waited and sat and tipped and left. People drinking at the bar are just loiterers. If you ignore him long enough he will get the hint and leave. And thank goodness, he does. And only a dollar tip? Cheapskate!

Amount of Time in the Joint 10 minutes

Will I come back No


2 thoughts on “The Wonder Bar – #134 on the Tour

  1. A $1.00 tip !!! I would not have left anything!! You are far to generous and spot on with your observation of how to make customers feel unwelcome….still enjoying reading your blog… gina

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