Noamesco Sports Bar – 10 Points on Why I Didn’t Go There

1. Noamesco is a bar, labeled a sports bar on the web site, that has been in Webster Square on 3 Mill Street for several years. From what the web site shows, this a night club for dancing and socializing and looking fine. There are no Red Sox Penants or signed Patriots posters. There is no edict to be open for the big game. On Saturday nights a man is at the door with a velvet rope placed out waiting for the dancers and the schemers to show. So what’s makes this a sports bar?

2. This spot has always been a bar or an out of business bar waiting for someone to open up the next big thing for Webster Square. I have been in Worcester for over 15 years and it has always been a joint or a closed down joint. Now, it is a joint that is hardly ever open, so in some ways it is both.

3. For a while, a short while thankfully, it was called the Crow Bar, and had on its awning a cartoon Heckel and Jeckel like black bird. Yeah, not racist at all. The other names for the bar, who can recall? Bar names in these parts are not memorable. We have a slew of bars called, Mike’s, Mickey’s, Phil’s, Finnegan’s, The Goal Post, The Golden Lounge, Henry’s, Hank’s, The Shot Glass, TRs. I’ll meet you at the place on the street with the thing. Yeah, see you there. I would love to be able to go to a uniquely labeled bar. I pass Jerry’s Bar every day from work, and can’t be motivated to stop, but if I passed The Mandlebrot Set and Spirits, I might have to hit the breaks and find a parking spot.

4. There were years when this location was empty. Fallow. It has been Noamesco for a while. And though this name is not typical, it does not stick in the head. Several people have told me about this bar they have seen that I should go to for this tour, but can never remember what its called. I have had to look up the name several times. This is not an insult, it just makes it hard to desire to go to a place who’s name is elusive and forgettable.

5. On the side of the bar is a movable letter sign. About a year ago it announced that Thursday is Ladies Night. This sign was set out in the wilderness and told to be free. It was not kept up. Soon letters began to wander off. And then it read that Thur was lies night. That’s ridiculous. At a bar, every night is lies night. We lie about our relationships, about our jobs, we lie with our words and clothes and the way we tip. Lieing is just the way it goes at a bar. Saying you cannot lie at a bar is like saying you may not drink poor beer and listen to loud music. Eventually. more letters set off on their own and the sign something like Thr i Lis. So I suppose the place has become more truthful.

6. I have tried to go to this bar for my one gin and tonic for over six months. I only try on the weekend. I have seen it on Friday nights after nine with lights on but no one inside, not even staff. I went in once in May at 10:30 on a Friday and there were two men, well dressed, and that’s it. I turned around and decided to try it again. It appeared that the clientelle are originally from Ghana, though I could be wrong about that. Regardless, I totally wanted to check a night club (not a sports bar) of a different culture. But to do that, there needs to be people around.

7. Their website shows events going on Thursdays but I have driven by there on Thursdays at ten and the place was dark. So it seems, and I am not sure, that they are only open Friday and Saturday.

8. It is Saturday and it is almost eleven o’clock at night. This is not too early for a night club is it? I park. I walk to the bar that is alight. There is no one inside. At the side door, the Mills Street door, a large man is working the velvet rope. He is dressed up. There is a woman talking to him, she is in killer going on the town rags. No one else is clamoring to get in. I look and see that there is a cover, I think about ten dollars. This blog has a “No Cover” policy. I am paying enough for gin and tonics, why pay just to get in for the drink. I leave the empty bar with the bouncer holding no one back, throwing no one out. It is past eleven, where is everyone. Is there anyone for this place?

9. I spoke to several people about this place. And I found myself doing a math word probelm. If people only come after eleven and bars close at two, and this place only seems open Friday and Saturday, how can this be a viable business? It is open for less than ten hours a week and yet they have a full bar and lights and music and bouncers. I just don’t get it.

10. Part of me is happy that I didn’t have to get another poor gin and tonic. But the other part is disappointed.. That’s the part that started this tour of every bar in Worcester. This is the part that will wonder if I missed something different, something wonderful, something I would rush home to tell you about.


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