Basil -n- Spice – #135 on the Tour

The Bar: Basil and Spice Thai Cuisine

The Address 299 Shrewsbury Street

The Day and the Time Wednesday at 12:45 in the afternoon

The price 8.45. Damn. One of higher priced gin and tonics. Top ten/ And you know the forty five cents was the tax. Really? Charge me 8.50 or better yet, charge me eight bucks. What has this tour come to that I am wanting people to charge me 8 bucks for a two ingredient cocktail.

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime She didn’t but she cut up two slices and put them in.

What was the type of gin The bar did not have a huge amount of bottles and it seemed like there was no well for the basic bottle. She pointed at the three bottles of gin they had and I picked Tanqueray because that seems to be the high end basic gin I have come across.

What was the gin and tonic like, I watched her measure out the amount of gin and I cringed, but who are we to comment. The interesting thing I noticed was that she poured the gin and then put the ice in. Kind of different or at least I have not been aware of this before. She gave me the drink and I must say, in praise of measuring out the gin, this was a good, well balanced drink. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I tasted the Tanqueray, I got the tonic, which was not flat. The freshly sliced lime also helped. I really liked this cocktail.

The Joint For years, this hidden away Shrewsbury street local was an Indian place. It is behind Funky Murphy’s. You have to be looking for it and you know, I think it might be worth the quest. The interior was airy and clean. The tables were well presented and it was nice to see that for a new place, they did have diners. It didn’t go over board on asian decorations, which to me is a good thing because it allows the food to be the focal point. The bar was small but fine for a restaurant. I was the only one at the bar, but that ain’t a surprise for me.

General Impressions: This was a nice restaurant to come in to for a drink. It is welcoming and comfortable. The staff was nice. The food, from what I saw, looked awesome and it smelled enticing. The TV had the coverage of the endless deflate gate, but you could ignore that with aplomb. I wanted to stay and get some food. Which to me, is high praise for restaurant bars. They did have a cocktail menu with several offerings featuring lychee fruit. Of course they had the Mai Tai, but everyone has the Mai Tai.

Amount of Time in the Joint 15 minutes

Will I come back Maybe not for just drinking, but it could be a nice alternative to Funky Murphy’s next door. But this is a big yes, I want to try the food.


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