Chioda’s – #138 on the Tour

The Bar: Chioda’s Trattoria

The Address 631 Franklin Street

The Day and the Time 8 o’clock on a Thursday

The price 6

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime She did ask

What was the type of gin House Gin

What was the gin and tonic like A bad cheap gin and tonic, the kind of gin and tonic that you drink a sweet wheat beer afterwards just to get rid of the aftertaste

The Joint This is an odd place. When I say odd, I mean the snark she is a coming. It is in nowhere. There is nothing around it. Just broken industry buildings and this place. They have ten dollar Italian meals on Wednesday and Thursday, a nice butt in chair action, but there was only four people eating. There were more staff than diners. Maybe they get a lot of early birds, who’s to say. The staff spent their down time complaining about their other jobs, the jobs that pay. the dining are was middle of the road and mostly presentable looking. Then i went to the bar….and all bets were off. Let’s talk about the bar.

General Impressions The bar. The heart beat to any drinking establishment. The plank of wood that you lean upon and rest the glass and see what’s happening near you. The plank of wood that calls you home.

Then there is the bar at Chioda’s.

Dear bartending staff at the under attended Italian Joint in the Middle of the Industrial Apocalypse, Hi. Dante of Worcester here. Can you do me a favor? Can you wipe down your bar. I mean its sticky and messy and filled with the vestiges of last year’s mixed drinks. There is a place in your bar that is worn down past the stain and is actually concaved. What the hell was resting there? And why do you not fix it? Sand it down, restain and keep the goddam thing clean. Now we know why I was the only person at the bar, because everyone else wanting a drink forgot their hazmet suits.

I did learn a valuable thing about myself at Chiodas I learned that I am a bar leaner. I lean my forearms on the bar where I am drinking. I leaned in and found it sticky and pulled back and then didn’t know what to do with my arms. I was so uncomfortable not being able to lean. Well for that, thank you disgustingly unclean bar, you made me know myself a tad bit better.

Amount of Time in the Joint 6 minutes (flat)

Will I come back Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. No.


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