Muse – #139 on the Tour

The Bar: Muse

The Address 536 Main Street

The Day and the Time  Saturday at Nine

The price 8

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime He did and he put it in with great elan.

What was the type of gin I don’t know, but it was a good one. Its one of those places that take pride in not having rot gut booze, even for their well options. Of course, sometimes a fella just wants a good shot of rot gut to make the day complete, so take this as you will.

What was the gin and tonic like I really liked it. It had balance, it had bright notes, it had a lot of things you would read in a fusty Wine Spectator review. I drank slow because it was an enjoyable glass. Speaking of a glass, the drink was served in a classic High Ball glass, very nice. For a place that was opened for two days, this was one of the five best gin and tonics I have had on this tour.

The Joint This was the soft opening weekend for the former Red Barron – Jak’s Pub. Let me just say that I want a good fun bar in downtown. I wrote a lot of praise (perhaps too much praise) for Jak’s because I just want some options for downtown. I want a bar, even a dive. I want a little life. This hit home hard while I walked down Main Street to the new bar Muse. I walked past the building that still says that it is Rehab – Irish Times. I walked past other gone black store fronts that were bars and night clubs. Now empty, forgotten. It was a damned depressing walk to a new Hail Mary bar to have alcohol (a well known depressant).

The bar smelt of new paint. Nothing was on the walls. The place no longer has a big pool table to kill the space, like Jak’s did, so an improvement already. A few people were there, all seemed to know the owner, who was at a table working on the Muse website. He made my drink and then ceded the floor to his bartender who seemed confused with the next beer order. The bar had that annoying type of beer dispenser where it doesn’t say what the beer is on the tap and the bartender has to know the placement perfectly. Its a thing, Armsby has that thing. I don’t know, I don’t mind the taps saying the beer names, call me a philistine. The beers and the liquors are good and interesting, including Bully Boy liquors and other things I think I might have recognized. All of these seemed good.

General Impressions I spoke with the owner as he attended to me and the other customers, and he was enthusiastic about creating a cocktail bar, and a true cocktail bar. He then told me he didn’t want to have a TV in the place, and my heart melted. I know my bartender friends love TVs for keeping people in the seats, but there is a part of me who wants a pure bar where you are there for the stool and the glass of booze in front of you. You might have a conversation but you might just want a drink. I had a good drink here. The owner told me he was going to hang local artists work on the walls, and I think that’s great too. This is a kind of bar we need. We need cocktail lounges that want to give you a warm, comfortable place to have a good drink. Its close to the Hanover, and I will tell you, you should go here before and after you see a show there. I like what I saw on this soft opening and I want it to plant a seed downtown. Here I am going hard on the sell, but this is important. The dead streets crave something living, and Muse is a good step to that.

Amount of Time in the Joint 20 minutes

Will I come back Yes. You should too. Give it a try. Please.


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