The End is Nigh

Well, this is happening. I am so excited about it. I have to write up two more places on the tour and then I have only two more places to go to for Gin and Tonics. There are some places that will not be checked out, but I will have done 142 bars in the City of Worcester and had a Gin and Tonic in each and I think that’s pretty damned good.

For the last gin and tonic, I am inviting people to attend. It will be a little bit of a reading and a Q and A and the obligatory drinking of gin and tonics. I will post the time and place in a few days. If you want to come, that’s awesome, but know that though I am there, I am still going to keep to the partial anonymous aspect of the blog. I will be referred to as Dante and it would be great if there wasn’t any picture taking.

I talked about making a book from the blog, but didn’t give myself the time to make one, so its just us and the drinking..

I hope you can come and join me for the last drink.



7 thoughts on “The End is Nigh

  1. Since you are returning to the surface from the nine circles, will Virgil go away or does he become a guide for you on another journey?
    Looking forward to sharing cocktails!

  2. CBob, I think this might be it for me as a tourist in the depths. I have been asked whether I will change the kind of cocktail and do it again, but I have had my fun and learned a hell of a lot, and whatever project I do next will be less expensive to my wallet and my liver. Thanks so much for reading – Dante

  3. Dante – Sad this journey is coming to an end. I like a good gin and tonic and have thoroughly enjoyed your blog. Keep calm and gin on!

  4. If you’re up for another journey (and boy oh boy I hope you are because I love to read your writing) my suggestion might be less expensive in the long run and ought to do your liver no harm. Pu pu platters. How about reviewing the city’s offerings of Pu pu platters? Hmm? Yeah… I know, it would be like courting heart disease. But still… entertaining?

    Take care, Dante. We won’t be making it to Nick’s tonight but I’ll mix myself a G&T and smile a smile towards you.

    -Jane & Chris

    P.s. I’ll just put a lime in it too. I won’t ask myself first.

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