El Rincon – #140 on the Tour (5 Sentences)

The Bar: El Rincon Spanish Bar

The Address 187 Washington Street

The Day and the Time Saturday 9:30

The price 7

Because I was in there for only five minutes, I will only write five sentences about my visit.

1.The joint has a reputation for cops being called there and Bartender Brian did not want me to go alone, but I couldn’t find anyone to go with, so he timed me and only gave me ten minutes before he would get people to check on me, but I didn’t need such a long time. because in the world of Gin and Tonic Tour Drinking, ten minutes is an eternity.

2.A gentleman at the door politely asked me if he could frisk me and of course I agreed, because I am an agreeable person and I certainly don’t want people to take the wrong idea about me and he laid hands on me in a fast professional manner and finding that I was not packing anything I was allowed in.

3.Once again I arrived too early and it was mostly empty, though the place was clean and presentable and the music was loud and really good and I wanted to dance but that’s not what I do and there was no one to dance with, but it was a nice looking nightclub and I am sure the weaponless patrons will have a good time when they show up.

4.I ordered my gin and tonic and got it and drank it and realized that it was a bland thing, though with some punch and I was done very quickly, thinking that maybe I should stay and listen to the music and see who shows up and what draws people to a nightclub such as this and it was actually an alright place to sit and be, but my drink was done and I left with a nod.

5.I got back to the bar where I started and Bartender Brian asked if I left yet for Rincon and I said that I was already done and he laughed and asked how it was and I said there are a lot scarier, and dirtier places to have a drink and part of me was pleased they were checking for weapons but of course it goes without saying that that is the only time I am going to El Rincon Spanish Bar and I was happy I tried it out, albeit briefly.


2 thoughts on “El Rincon – #140 on the Tour (5 Sentences)

  1. They certainly are Jose. I didn’t say they weren’t run on sentences, because they were. There would be a lot of seventh grade English teachers ashamed of what i did there. The sentences averaged 80 words a piece. Those are the length of some short stories.


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