The Final Bar on the Tour

So I have done all the bars to do, with the exception of my last bar. I did more than I thought I would. I was planning to do 130 bars, but here I am, heading to the 144th bar on the tour. That’s insane. I have to Write up on the last three I did, which are Foodworks, Mare e Monti and Vincent’s.

The last gin and tonic for the tour will be on Sunday September 27th at 7pm at 124 Millbury Street. That is Nick’s. We will have the use of the back room for an hour. In that time I will have my last gin and tonic and read my favorite posts from the blog and answer questions.

If no one shows, then its like most of the places I have been, with me being the only one at the bar. But if you do show, that will be great. The drinks are not free, of course and I am still striving for some privacy. I will be referred to by my blog name, Dante. I hope you can all honor that.

For a year and a half, I have been going to these bars mostly by myself and sharing what I have discovered through this blog. This is a chance to meet and have a drink. For me to thank you for reading my posts and encouraging me to discover this city in a way I never would have without this project.



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