Vincent’s – the 143 (and penultimate) stop on the tour

The Bar: Vincent’s

The Address 49 Suffolk Street

The Day and the Time Friday at 8:45

The price 7

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime No i just got it.

What was the type of gin Well

What was the gin and tonic like It was good. But it follows the rule. Like the place. Like the drink.

The Joint This is a hard one to write, because for a long time, this was my bar. This was the bar I would go to. If I was to meet someone, it would be “Meet me at Vincent’s”. Hell, part of the first date I had with my wife was at Vincent’s. Coming in for this stop of the tour, it seemed impossible for me to look at this place objectively. It is filled with history and comfort.

There are the old 100 year old group photos. There are the taxidermy on the walls. There are the pulp paperback covers put into the bar surface. Around is a group of people ages from 20s to the 60s drinking and talking and watching the Red Sox blow it. A blues band sets up,they play loud. But there is escape to the back if the music is not your thing (They sounded pretty decent to me). The bartenders are moving and serving drinks like this is a bar where people want to get their booze. All of this is true and I am sure I would have been charmed with it as I was 16 years ago when I first came here. It is a strange idiosyncratic joint and that is what makes it welcoming, it smacks of someone’s particular tastes. If they are similar to yours, then you will feel good there. Now it’s not for everyone, my dear friend Epicurean Eric did not care for it at all. But then there are places he loves that I don’t like, like the Boynton. But that’s why its a wonderful thing to have such variety and choice. Don’t want to go to Vincent’s, then you can go to Nick’s or Muse or Armsby. Find the place you feel at home.

General Impressions I suppose one of the quests people who like bars must go on is to find the bar that bar that you will call your own. Is the place easy to get to? Is the asshole quotient low? Do they make the drinks you like. The thing about the quest and the questions is that you are going to spend an awful lot of time at this joint and its got to be right. The odd thing about this tour is that I always knew what my Bar was. I was never looking for a new bar to call my own. It is Nick’s. It was closer to me and hit me as the more mature Vincent’s and for me that’s what I wanted. But being in in Vincent’s is still a good time for me. I still like it. Its the old decorations and its retro feel but with a nice welcoming attitude.

Yeah, writing about the places you love and feel a part of your history is hard. Trust me. We all have our places we love, but that doesn’t mean we can describe them well. I had a good time at Vincent’s that evening. Like a lot of other evenings.

Amount of Time in the Joint 30 minutes

Will I come back Yes.

The Last Bar on the Tour: You can join me for the last gin and tonic at Nick’s on Millbury Street 7PM 9/27/15 which is a Sunday.


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