What a difference six months make

Hello friends. I must say I have missed this blog. I had occassion to drive around Worcester the other day and saw places that are no longer and places that are new or are arriving and thought I might return briefly for a few Gin and Tonics.

The Losses: Viva Bene closed, which is fine by me. So did Me Reyna which made me sad because it was awesome. Scorz and Varsity are gone, which is also alright with me. Primo’s Extension is also gone, the greatest bad name for a bar ever, I will mourn its absence. Ritual is also gone

The New Places: We have Whisky, Whisky on Water, Dead Horse Hill, The Hangover Bar, Quinn’s, the Oak Barrell, Lock 50, and maybe some others that are here are finishing up.

So what say you. want to hear how the new places do with Gin and Tonics? This would be just a quick return, more for my curiosity than for anything else.


5 thoughts on “What a difference six months make

  1. >Yes< Let the tour recommence!
    Your venue descriptions were on the mark of the several places I ventured. Thank YOU Mr. Dante.

  2. I’m very happy to see this blog back. Well done. You’ve got to check out Wormtown Brewery’s tap room!

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