The Hangover Pub – Return Tour #1

The bar is the Hangover Pub on Green Street. It used to be the bar for the Banner, and then it was the Bar with the worst name ever Primo’s Extention. It is now a fancy kool kat joint. A friend said of it, “It’s a hipster bar two years too late.”

Let’s get the gin and tonic out of the way before I get all mean spirited. The drink came in a nice tapered high ball glass, the gin was Damrak. She put the lime in without me asking. It was a fine drink. Sweet and balanced. The damage was seven dollars and forty five cents. The forty five cents is to piss me off. I know I know I know, it’s for the tax. But I can’t explain it but I would have been happier if the drink was seven fifty. Round up or round down, but hide the damned tax please. (wow, six months since I was doing the tour and still this bothers me)

Let’s talk about the positive. I went at eight thirty on Tuesday and there were people there. About twenty or so. Some eating. Some failing badly at dates. Most were drinking strangely hued drinks. The place was clean and well set up. Nice designs. Decent selection of bottles.

Let’s talk some shit about the place. If we must. For those who read the blog, you know that I don’t like TVs in the bar. I want to be in a bar, and not focus on the game or the game show. My bartender friends think I am an idiot about that. TV keeps people at the bar. And that means they drink more. Bartenders like that dividend.

Let’s talk about it’s name. Do we really want a bar called Hangover? It’s a stte of pain and discomfort, right? Shouldn’t we just have the Cirrhosis Saloon?

The thing about the Hangover Pub is that they have TVs, but they don’t. They have two flat screen TVs installed over the bar, but they don’t have programming. They were showing a slideshow of photos. Photos of the bar the Hangover Pub. There was some Worcester color photos, but mostly it was shots of the food being made in the kitchen and shots of the bar. The bar that I am in.

Why do I need photos of a place I am currently in. Hey, look, that’s the bar stool I’m sitting in! It’s like I’m famous or something. My bar stool is on TV! It’s like being forced to look at vacation photos from someone with acute agoraphobia. “That’s when I made it to the living room. That’s when I was able to run into the kitchen for a few minutes, it was tough, but man it was fun. Another shot of my armchair. Doesn’t it look pretty in the late day sun?”

Usually I might write about all the things I noticed, but I was transfixed by the slideshow. My favorite shot was when it showed a black and white vintage photo of what I believe was the old Worcester Mental Hospital, and that was followed by a beauty shot of a shrimp appetizer. “I’ll have that and a lobotomy please.”

Let’s talk about how I feel about the place. Bars that try to catch a set vibe might work for a while, but it deprives it from creating its own unique vibe. It’s a look how hip I am kind of place. It wasn’t bad. And if I was trying to impress the stray lumbersexual, I would go there.

The Hangover Pub is at 102 Green Street





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