Wicked Wing Co. -#2 on the Return Tour

The chalk board in the front of the place thanks their customers in voting them the best new restaurant in Worcester.

It is Friday at eight and it is mostly full. I get the last seat at the bar.

It is quiet for such a full place. The Sox game is on, but no music is playing. People are speaking in muted tones, as if this was a church with Jalapeno Buffalo sauce.

The gin and tonic is five dollars and thirty five cents and it tastes of syrup. It is alright. Alright, like getting out of the Registry of Motor Vehicles office in under and hour. That kind of alright.

Large platters of wings dressed in different colored sauces are paraded out to the tables.

I am trying to wonder why I feel so unengaged. It is Friday. There are wings. There is beer. Where is the joy? I check the menu, both side. No joy.

I get it.

The bartenders, two women moving and shaking and stirring, do not smile. They have stony faces. They are concentrating for the exam. They are waiting in line at the Registry. They are anywhere but at a fun place to be.

I look and the other staff also have that same serious face. Buffalo wings is serious business.

I realize that at any bar, I want the bartender to be happy to be here. I don’t need a flirty bartender, or my next best friend bartender. Just some one who seems pleased that they are here surrounded by alcohol and people. And pleased that I am one of them.

As I leave, I see one of the bartenders smile for a regular. It’s nice that she can. Maybe I need to be here for four weeks in a row before I earn a smirk. Things to aspire to.

I am sure the wings are good. Why wouldn’t they be?

The Wicked Wing Co is located at 321 West Boylston Street.



2 thoughts on “Wicked Wing Co. -#2 on the Return Tour

  1. Lora, thanks for the compliment. It’s nice to be back. I will do the new bars and then be done. I am also trying a few different styles for writing the places up.

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