Dead Horse Hill – #3 on the Return on the Tour

It is Saturday at nine at night and people are eating at tables and at the bar. It’s not packed, but there are still enough people at this hour to make you think they are doing well.

The name of the place is Dead Horse Hill which is a real hill here in Worcester. Of course they are not near the hill, and that I don’t know how excited I am at ordering food at a place that has a dead animal mentioned in its name. Hi mom, let me take you out for your birthday. I know how like unique cuisine, let me take you to the Dead Horse place, you’ll love it.

The bartender recognized from the time I went to Whiskey Tango two months ago for a gin and tonic (I have not written that one up yet, but I was the only one at the bar). We chatted and I asked why he was here and not at Whiskey Tango. “Got to go where the action is. There was no action there.” This is true. I was the only customer at Whiskey Tango.

The place is a nice brick wall high ceiling place with a couple interesting pieces of art on the wall. It is warm and clean and comfortable. The staff are dressed casual, all with T Shirts saying Worcester on it.

The bartender gives me my gin and tonic in a rocks glass and its a good drink. Sweet and floral. Too much ice for me, but still good. The lime was there. The drink with tax was ten dollars and seventy five cents. The most expensive drink I have had in 150 bars and restaurants visited.

The food portions were large and the food was well presented. Large enough to have half the dead horse on a plate with micro greens (kidding, it would only be a quarter horse, I mean come on)

Not a bad place for a date, not a bad place to have a dinner by yourself at the bar. Pricey, and how, but a good place. The staff were attentive and nice. Not a lot of snark going on this entry, but it was a pleasant twenty minutes sitting with a good drink in a place that will allow you to sit by yourself.


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