The Return is Over

Hi, Dante here. This was fun. 13 new bars in Worcester. I wrote about them. I drank gin and tonics. Things are good in the universe.

I think I will go back into my secret lair and perhaps reappear for another go at new places.

I have enjoyed returning, and I really enjoyed allowing myself a different way of writing these up. I hope you liked reading them.

I want to keep on writing about the Worcester bar scene, but I haven’t figured out if I want to keep on doing what I have been doing or try a different approach. I am still unsure.

The answer will come when i return in a few months.

Keep going out. Keep discovering. Keep Gin and Bearing It.

Thank you all so much for reading and commenting. It has been a pleasure



Quinn’s Pub – #13 on the Return Tour

I wrote five hundred words about my stay at Quinn’s and it came out the way I wanted to and then right before I hit the publish button, I deleted it. It was gone.

With these essays, I don’t write them ahead of time. I write them on the wordpress page and send it out. The faster the better. This has worked but I pressed the wrong damned button and now I don’t want to write it again.

God bless the classic rock musicians who sings the same ten songs to ever graying audiences for the last twenty five years.

That’s stamina. Me? I can’t write about the same bar twice.

But the place was fine so it deserves a little bit of comment. I went on a Thursday at four and it was two thirds full. It seemed like the clientelle just finished work and were enjoying the keno and the beer. Its big and clean and bright enough to not qualify for Irish Pub Status.

The Gin and Tonic was fine, six bucks. It’s a bar. People drink there. If you want, you can go there. If you don’t want, there is always three dollar bottles of wine at Trader’s Joes.

The original essay was pretty funny. Believe me. This one has words.

Quinn’s is located at 715 West Boylston Street

Makoa Family Restaurant – I have finally been refused service!!!!

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It was bound to happen. I just can’t believe that it took so long. i have been to 166 bars through out this endless tour of the liquor license joints of Worcester, trying to get a gin and tonic. In all that time, no matter what the place was like, they always served me. It was never a problem. One of the places gave me a Gin and Coca Cola instead of tonic, but still they tried to accomodate me. All tried to give me some kind of beverage for my money.

Until today!!!!

I must say I am practically giddy.

At this point, somewhere in the third year of this tour, I really didn’t think I was going to be refused service. I thought that I could say that every place in Worcester, despite reputation would make me a gin and tonic. It was kind of boring and utopian when you think of it.

Well thank goodness for Makoa Family Restaurant.

Yah! We have drama!

Here is how it worked. It was nine on Wednesday night. The place was still opened. I figured I should peak in to see if they have a full bar, they used to not have one. They did. I walked in. I feel comfortable walking into any bar now (the benefits of being on this tour) and a guy asked me if he could help me. I asked if I could have a gin and tonic. He said sure and told me to take a seat at the bar. I did.

In my head, I was composing what the first part of my write up would be. I do that. I start casting around for a hook, a drunk, a strange piece of furniture. Something to embrace or mock or both. A large muscle guy went behind the stick, put his hands down on the bar and said, “What do you want?”

“Gin and tonic please.”

Without a pause he said, “We don’t have that ”

I was incredulous, I looked to see if I could find gin, but I was having performance anxiety and couldn’t see a gin bottle. “Really,” I asked, “you don’t have gin and tonic?”

“We don’t have it.” His hands were down on the bar, as if to say, this is mine and you better believe me when I speak to you.

Is it possible they didn’t have gin or tonic. It is possible. But he didn’t ask me if there was anything else he could make me? He just waited for me to leave. Which I did. I said thanks and left. I had a smile on my face and bounce to my step.

I was finally refused a drink!!!

A great day for this blog and for blogdom in general. I like to that all the people who made this possible.  I always thought this would happen a lot during this exercise, but as I said, bars want to sell drinks and they don’t usually chose who is worthy. In most places, if you possess currency of the realm and have the where with all to be able to stay seated on a barstool, then they will serve you.

But not Makoa Family Restaurant. Here’s to you. Stick to your principles! Be yourself. Don’t clutter your establishment with riff raff such as myself.

A great day!

Frank’s – #12 on the Return Tour

This is not a review. This is a statement of place.

I am at a bar drinking a gin and tonic. I do not know what bar it it, it could be Frank’s, it could be Rivalry’s which is what it was before, it could be Jeff’s, which is what it was before that. They are all the same it seems.

It is Sunday at 7 and a band named Soup is playing the hits. IT could be the Doors, it could be Mumford and Sons. It could be a living embodiment of Classic Rock Radio come to flesh.

The bass player has a wireless set up and every now and then he walks among the crowd of middle aged weekend bikers and their women, though he does not interact with them. He probably has to get his ten thousand steps on his fitbit, that might be why.

The place is well busy with bikers ending the weekend. This is the nineteenth hole for the Harley set. The gin and tonic was seven dollars. Most are drinking bottles of beer. There are several boxes of pizza set up on a table and it looks like its free for everyone. Of course I ain’t going to risk it. I might not be included in the slice club. You can never trust supposed generosity.

There are couples at the bar pushing into each other like they are teenagers meeting the crush of their life. They are singing the words to the Paul McCartney song to each other.

An older couple come and get up to dance at every other song.

There is nothing about this place that is bad for those who want to be here. I am once again not on that list.

This is not a review. This is a hastily scratched note of rescue rolled up and placed in an empty bottle of GIlbert’s Gin and then thrown threw the waves, hoping for discovery.

Frank’s is located at 274 Shrewsbury Street