Makoa Family Restaurant – I have finally been refused service!!!!

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It was bound to happen. I just can’t believe that it took so long. i have been to 166 bars through out this endless tour of the liquor license joints of Worcester, trying to get a gin and tonic. In all that time, no matter what the place was like, they always served me. It was never a problem. One of the places gave me a Gin and Coca Cola instead of tonic, but still they tried to accomodate me. All tried to give me some kind of beverage for my money.

Until today!!!!

I must say I am practically giddy.

At this point, somewhere in the third year of this tour, I really didn’t think I was going to be refused service. I thought that I could say that every place in Worcester, despite reputation would make me a gin and tonic. It was kind of boring and utopian when you think of it.

Well thank goodness for Makoa Family Restaurant.

Yah! We have drama!

Here is how it worked. It was nine on Wednesday night. The place was still opened. I figured I should peak in to see if they have a full bar, they used to not have one. They did. I walked in. I feel comfortable walking into any bar now (the benefits of being on this tour) and a guy asked me if he could help me. I asked if I could have a gin and tonic. He said sure and told me to take a seat at the bar. I did.

In my head, I was composing what the first part of my write up would be. I do that. I start casting around for a hook, a drunk, a strange piece of furniture. Something to embrace or mock or both. A large muscle guy went behind the stick, put his hands down on the bar and said, “What do you want?”

“Gin and tonic please.”

Without a pause he said, “We don’t have that ”

I was incredulous, I looked to see if I could find gin, but I was having performance anxiety and couldn’t see a gin bottle. “Really,” I asked, “you don’t have gin and tonic?”

“We don’t have it.” His hands were down on the bar, as if to say, this is mine and you better believe me when I speak to you.

Is it possible they didn’t have gin or tonic. It is possible. But he didn’t ask me if there was anything else he could make me? He just waited for me to leave. Which I did. I said thanks and left. I had a smile on my face and bounce to my step.

I was finally refused a drink!!!

A great day for this blog and for blogdom in general. I like to that all the people who made this possible.  I always thought this would happen a lot during this exercise, but as I said, bars want to sell drinks and they don’t usually chose who is worthy. In most places, if you possess currency of the realm and have the where with all to be able to stay seated on a barstool, then they will serve you.

But not Makoa Family Restaurant. Here’s to you. Stick to your principles! Be yourself. Don’t clutter your establishment with riff raff such as myself.

A great day!


2 thoughts on “Makoa Family Restaurant – I have finally been refused service!!!!

  1. Your blog post on this restaurant/bar is the number 1 search result on Google for “Makoa Family Restaurant” !

    Don’t mess with the power of GATAW! 🙂

  2. Thanks for commenting Jim.
    I don’t know if this shows any power of this blog, but more to the point of the issue of a restaurant that discourages customers from coming and spending money for that is what I was. A place like that would not focus on their social media image. I wish them well, I just wish they were more welcoming


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