Quinn’s Pub – #13 on the Return Tour

I wrote five hundred words about my stay at Quinn’s and it came out the way I wanted to and then right before I hit the publish button, I deleted it. It was gone.

With these essays, I don’t write them ahead of time. I write them on the wordpress page and send it out. The faster the better. This has worked but I pressed the wrong damned button and now I don’t want to write it again.

God bless the classic rock musicians who sings the same ten songs to ever graying audiences for the last twenty five years.

That’s stamina. Me? I can’t write about the same bar twice.

But the place was fine so it deserves a little bit of comment. I went on a Thursday at four and it was two thirds full. It seemed like the clientelle just finished work and were enjoying the keno and the beer. Its big and clean and bright enough to not qualify for Irish Pub Status.

The Gin and Tonic was fine, six bucks. It’s a bar. People drink there. If you want, you can go there. If you don’t want, there is always three dollar bottles of wine at Trader’s Joes.

The original essay was pretty funny. Believe me. This one has words.

Quinn’s is located at 715 West Boylston Street


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